Ten News First Content and Appearance


They all sound perfectly fine to me. Can hear all three clearly


No trouble hearing the VO for me either.

It’s clearly more understated than it was before the relaunch. And it’s obviously changed from male to female… I think both are designed to offer a clear point of difference not only from the past but also from Seven and Nine.

And it’s succeeded.


My point has nothing to do with ‘hearability’ - they are just rubbish.


I do think they sound a bit choppy and odd to be honest, the female voice is completely fine, it’s just the way it’s been executed, with the abrupt gaps when the City name is said. I was thinking to keep more in-line with the local 10 and 30 second promos, they could keep the “This is” part and add the City name next or omit the “This is” part, so for example,

"This is Perth’s 10 News First, with Narelda Jacobs"


"Sydney’s 10 News First, with Sandra Sully"

and vice versa, or even,

"With Jennifer Keyte, this is Melbourne’s 10 News First"


Yeah it sounds like the automated voice at a train station. All the words sound cut together to make her sound like a robot. I think it’s great to have a female VO they just need to it have it redone so it flows better.
Nothing wrong with “This is 10 News First, Sydney, With Sandra Sully”
The main issue is that Jen Byrne pauses between the “First” and “Sydney” for too long and First is in the wrong tone so it doesn’t flow.


It’s almost as if they went to google translate, typed the text in and pressed the sound button.


Where’s my face palm emoji! :persevere:



Two significant scoops for 10 News this year.

The First is more than just branding.


Hugh Riminton’s exclusive:

Edit: The Daily Telegraph had the story back in April that Lawrence was due to be released in November.


Exclusive bug

Archive footage used


The Daily Telegraph had an interview with Lawrence in August in which she talked about her release in November.

Ten needs to scrub the Exclusive off those reports.


Brisbane: viewers weather photos as part of a competition to win a holiday


Hmmm there does seem to be an undeserved claim of exclusivity here.

The 10 report does add additional detail but the key piece of new information; the timing of the release does indeed appear to have been reported several months ago.

It wouldn’t be Hugh making the claim, I suspect it would be the work of a well meaning but perhaps inexperienced producer.

But there may be other things any play here.


Though Riminton wrote exclusive on his Twitter post.


Good point!


It’s exclusive to television…


Hmmmm… that’s not usually the way it works… but nice spin :sunglasses:


you seen 9 or 7 lately? Nothing new here, and it’s quite offensive for others to suggest it must be an “inexperienced” producer that used Exclusive.


I can only apply my own standards, I would never apply “exclusive” to a story that clearly wasn’t.

I’m not responsible for what others do.

If you and 10 are comfortable then that’s fine.

As for the reference to “inexperienced” I was just trying to be polite because I can’t imagine a senior producer doing it.