Ten News First Content and Appearance

Well, I know I am technically one day late, but Happy Birthday Hamish :partying_face: :confetti_ball: :tada: :balloon: :gift: :birthday:

yes, i did remember this message since then :laughing:


I have no idea to be honest. Surely?

Okay, something worth wondering though. Sounds like Ten are happy with it anyway bringing in the numbers for it’s slot and for The Project so as long as it continues to do that, I would assume it would be safe . :slight_smile:


It’s like someone is reading the forum :joy:

Perth now updated with Monika (should really have swapped Chris out for Narelda if it’s permanent)


Now renamed as Queensland, per the bulletin.



10 has a competition with Coles at the moment with a MasterChef and 10 News First tie-in.

On a side note, I really love the use of the flat white 10NF logo on the blue background. Would be a nice little refresh down the line when the time comes.


Looks very similar to 9’s colour scheme though.

I don’t really see that there. It feels more “Channel 10” based.

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They are the same shades of Blue & Red that 9 use for their news gfx

Do you mean orange?

Also it doesn’t really look like Nine’s news logo, the news logo seems a bit darker to me. There is a bit of modification with 10’s promo in terms of the colours.

I can see it more orange now but it still looks very red to me.

it’s a very dark orange (so it may look red to you)

Yeah I can only see orange, but it is quite dark. In any case, that colour is just for MasterChef so the blue & white theme is for 10 News First.

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I think you all need to fix the contrast on your displays.

It’s a normal orange and a moderate blue.


Those are some crazy carrots if that’s red!

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10 has a new podcast from 10 Speaks, called 10 News First Person coming soon.

“Quality news stories from the 10 News First team”.



I wonder if 10 Speaks will go the same way as 10daily :thinking:

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Would be a good name for a current affairs/investigation show. I wonder if 10 would ever look at something like 48 hours. True crime podcasts etc are huge, and true crime TV is massive in the US. They could redub some 48 hours stories, and do local reports too.


All of the presenters are on contract with 10 and it runs a pretty lean operation behind the scenes, if it’s making money for them then I can’t see why it would continue - but it is a fair question to ask.

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I thought the same thing when I first heard it too, perhaps it could be the start of something :man_shrugging:t3:

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I give it 8 months…,
But for some reason 10 All Access will be still going. :thinking:

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