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Yes, this is a place where we express our opinions and discuss media in general - which is what we are all here for.

However, it’s not uncommon for you on other occasions to often go out of your way to be defensive or simply rude on this forum. You immediately shut people down when they make suggestions/criticize Channel 10, replying with smart ass remarks or direct attacks towards the member who posted it. It’s good to be down to earth or being able to take a joke, but it just reaches a limit sometimes. I thought you worked at Channel 10 so wouldn’t this site possibly be feedback for you?

I know I’m not a moderator or the best member on here, but come on.


For the umpteenth time, I do not work there. I have a contact there.

What I do have is a broad understanding of how things happen in television. You’ll find that my responses to comments here are all based upon fanciful suggestions of what members of this forum would like to see.

Example - suggesting local bulletins on a weekend just because a live sporting event is on.

If you dont like the way I respond without coddling, please feel free to switch me to ‘Ignored’ by clicking on my profile name, then normal, then ignored.


Thanks for confirming that. The perspective you sometimes write in often makes it appear that you work there. cough

It’s a forum. Some suggestions may seem fanciful but it’s good to discuss them as a “what if” situation, even if it never happens. Not just shut the person down and make them look like an idiot. I don’t think anyone said local bulletins should happen just because of the Bathurst. It was more of a side comment since 10 possibly has higher viewership today. I personally would like to see a Sunday to Thursday local bulletin schedule, rather than Monday to Friday.


Haven’t you ever heard of a lead-in audience?


First, this isn’t the thread for what if’s (we have a whole mocks section for that!)

Second, the mods/admins here constantly have to lock and monitor Ten related threads because of mocks, speculative nonsense and fabricated / false information that constantly derail on-topic discussion, so I don’t blame Lexington for reacting in such a manner when the same armchair commentators on here keep suggesting the same shit over and over. Seriously the sense of entitlement is unbelievable - you should all be thankful that employees from the networks even come here to interact and share inside information in the first place.

Back on topic please.


“And expecting local bulletins.”

Sorry for saying the truth. I’ve messaged you. :roll_eyes:

I wonder what the file size if some of these hi res images used on the screen

Using Johanthan Williams 10 Brisbane Sport reporter for reports


That’s lucky they had him there to cover that.

Really interesting they’ve sent Hugh to Amman to cover the turkey Syria stuff. Would’ve been unheard of a few years ago.


Also unfortunate that ATV and Sydney didn’t get any news tonight. Surely they could have aired it at 6.30 and pushed Sunday Project back to 7.30pm? It’s not like 10 have much else on for the night…

It was scheduled for 10Bold tonight in Sydney and Melbourne.

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It’s good to see. His report the other day was very informative, great job Hugh and 10 :clap:

Saturday 19 October
Sydney, Melbourne
05:00 pm 10 News First (50 min)

04:00 pm 10 News First (50 min)

04:30 pm 10 News First (50 min)

05:30 pm 10 News First (60 min)

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Promo just aired before on 10 Melbourne with the Sydney team endboard. Whoops!

Brisbane had a 30 minute bulletin at 5.30pm. Did any other state get this bulletin? They could have put it live in NSW, VIC and SA.

As said early, NSW and VIC had the news on Bold (that would’ve never been done) … as for SA, was it on 10?

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Schedule was

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I’m aware of the Bold bulletin and it’s great that they still air the bulletin on a multichannel when sporting events air. But was the Brisbane one live or edited? At the end of the news last night, Chris mentioned that there would be extra news after the race. So I thought it would’ve went in each state.

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The Brisbane bulletin included the result of the race in the headlines - that would not have been known if it was a simple recording of the NSW/Vic bulletin.


So with daylight savings now in place, will Brisbane typically be receiving a delayed bulletin or will they be getting a new bulletin?

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