Ten News First Content and Appearance

I look at it the other way. I think 10 has taken the vision from 7 and squeezed the vision out. Hence, the tighter, more zoomed in shots on 10 of the exact same footage. So, yeah, not exclusive but 7 didn’t know 10 would use their vision.

The vision on 10 without a watermark was shown in the 5pm news while anything shown on 7 before 6pm had the watermark.

Surely even you couldn’t agree that these are appropriate?

If they don’t want other networks stealing it, one simple continuous watermark through the middle is more than sufficient to ensure that doesn’t happen.

What they’ve done is just is ludicrous.


I understand it. They’re no worse than 9 or 7.

Maybe a little more transparency…

Cross to Perth today

Is this the Perth news room?

Is this the correct Nathan Brooks? https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathan-brooks-a7b7b5a8/


Yes it is, I think I posted about him in the Reporters thread but he also reported from Darwin back in June for the shootings there - believe he’s just freelancing at 10 currently.

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Sadly, one of the very few times you’ll see native HD content from Ten Perth.

Please tell me there are plans for at least some of the non-Sydney bulletins to go HD (either in full or part) this side of 2020!


Not this side of 2020.

Very much a true collaboration between us at Exposure Group and 10’s in-house genius, David Bernstein. Our team brought a number of finished design concepts to the table and David basically took the best parts, distilled them and 10ised it.

Rarely for something like this, designed and built in New South Wales (our workshop is in Seven Hills). Pretty happy about it. Even the finishing on the tech. The Big Screen ™ is by Leyard, integrated by Jeremy Koch at Innovative. Everything else is our own magic, in collab with Peter Daniells at 10.

Can’t forget to mention that Ross Dagan (10 News bossman) was intimately involved from the start, too, and had a very clear idea of what he needed to see happen, which is pretty much the best thing you can hope for in a client. I reckon we got there :slight_smile:


I doubt that you are probably allowed to do this, but would you happen to have any of the design concepts you’d be willing to share?

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10 News First re-brand featuring in the 2019 Sydney Brand awards -


Just come across this page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/10NewsDarwin/



I think that everyone involved would hate that. Sorry!

Feel free to hit me up for your next tv set, trade show, retail fitout or… any of the million things we design and build. :innocent:


Are you guys involved with the roll out of these sets to other cities?


Figured that’d be the case haha.
Nonetheless, certainly one of the best sets in this country, so kudos to you guys (and the 10 team)!


Had a look at the page and couldnt find that sponsored post but did find a pic of the 10 news melbourne team

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Weird that Jen did’nt cross to Stephen Quartermain for a Sports Preview like she Normally Does Tonight give St. Kilda’s Coach Resigned.

Quiet a few darwin news related posts on that page now as well so will be interesting to see how it turns out but i would just say its probs just a updates page by the 10 darwin team

Simpsons meme. That’s a win from me