Ten News First Content and Appearance

Very interesting

Surely newsroom-v-studio layout is irrelevant.

I’m guessing whatever they do will include a big videowall so they can put anything they like into it… including a live shot of the newsroom if that’s the look they’re after.

Versatility… that’s the key.


It’s almost like someone cued the guy with the ladder to walk behind Ray at just the right time for Media Spy members.


@Lexington is just provoking a reaction. A red herring.

Brisbane has had a newsroom backdrop before


Ah “movie of the week” (at the end of the clip) when did that stop being a thing?

I’m guessing probably the same time that movies were being released on subscription TV way ahead of FTA… not to mention the widespread availability of DVDs and videos (there used to be shops renting videos, kids)

I think the networks also realised there were better ratings to be had on Sunday night with other programming.

(I think I’ve strayed off topic here… maybe a move to TV History is appropriate?)


That ladder looks pretty clean… the dude might be a sparkie?

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When they were downstairs, prior to 2008 I believe.

They then went to a rear projection of the newsroom before the sets.

Which looked good. Ten Brisbane sets have mostly looked good.


The one in your video shared is Sydney at one of their former studios (either North Ryde or Ultimo)

No, it’s not.

The presenters in the video are Katrina Lee and John Mangos who are former presenters of the Sydney bulletin

That’s correct but the Sydney promo campaign was shot in the Brisbane newsroom as was the Melbourne one. Sydney didn’t use a newsroom set at that time even though the presenters are seen on one in the promo.


Just because they are Sydney presenters doesn’t mean it’s not in Brisbane. Or in Nunnawadding in the case of the Jo Pearson video. Ultimo did not have a nice-looking newsroom by any stretch of the imagination. And they vacated North Ryde a year before this promo was shot.

The irony of that particular 90’s relaunch was that the actual sets in each city ended up being closed-in studios, and not the open plan depicted at the end of the promo.

Looking forward to Monday (hopefully)…


Those were from my VCR :wink:

What do we think Ten is up to?

  • Adding 6:00 news?
  • Adding breakfast news?
  • Late night local news?
  • None of the above

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Newsroom set would’ve looked ridiculous in Sydney considering the number of people that were crammed into Broadcom House after Ten abandoned North Ryde.

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Newsroom sets don’t need to be big. They need to look good. Their Ultimo newsroom was just ugly.


Now I’ve probably only ever seen small snippets of Ten Sydney 5pm news footage from this era via tribute packages and the like (would LOVE to watch a full bulletin from that era one day, but realistically know the chances of that happening are quite slim), but didn’t Ten Sydney eventually get Ron Wilson presenting his segments of the 5pm bulletin from the newsroom while they were still at Ultimo? This probably would’ve been around 1994-95, when Juanita Phillips was Ron’s co-presenter.

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Yes it was one of Carmel Travers’ (many) hair-brained ideas :bulb: