Ten News First Content and Appearance

Well that’s just false information. A bit naughty 10…

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The v/o said “This is 10 news First Meanjin with Sandra Sully”.


Oh well that’s entirely different then. And quite clever actually.

Entirely different, how? :thinking: I said they (interestingly) used Meanjin…

My point is that they used Meanjin instead of say Turrbal and Yuggera Country, which isn’t consistent with the naming of the bulletin. I.e Queensland rather than Brisbane.

I thought you were alluding to them saying they were coming from Brisbane which is not correct.

Guess it’s hard to summarise an entire state, short of saying ‘across the First Nations of Queensland’ so picking a specific location (eg; Brisbane), in line with the other bulletins makes some sense.

Yup agree, just interesting I guess.

Also noted that during Qld weather they didn’t use any traditional names like they did in national bulletins.


I mean, how big/dense is the Brisbane metropolitan area, anyway?

Some food for thought - having seen the Three News NZ relaunch as a full virtual set, would it be worth 10 investing in similar technology for all markets except Sydney?

Mimic the styling of the Sydney set virtually, plus a replica desk for each state.

The thing I’m not sure about is the costs - I figure something like this would be quite a big initial investment.
Could work for the Brisbane studio if the bulletin returns, perhaps?

If Three News is anything to go by, this would be a big upgrade even for the Melbourne studio which is really aging now.

Some caps for reference (Credits @NaruTVMock):


isn’t this fairly static? like it doesn’t track like ITV or 7Perth? so might be fairly cheap.

It’s not static. It contains depth and camera movements in the different shots.
It’s much better than 7 Perth.

Good example at 30:00 mark at the sports throw.


oh yeah that’s cool. still, not too intricate… and you could probably do it static as well.


It would likely be an improvement on the Adelaide green screen. Other markets - I still prefer physical sets, even if they are old and replacing them with virtual would be a step in the wrong direction.


This whole bulletin looks fun and youthful while keeping an authoritative feel. This is exactly what 10 should be doing.


Whoever is running the show at Three News knows exactly what they are doing. Gorgeous set, gorgeous tight shots. Beautifully paced.

I reckon if you lured Kay McGrath over and onto that set and into that production and aired it in Brisbane, you’d have the number 1 local news service within a year.


Nuts comment.


Crazy - There aren’t enough people watching at 5pm and never have been to make that possible.

Fixed it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Should have stopped after the first paragraph!


Olympics super

“Queensland” seems a bit vague.