Ten News First Content and Appearance

They will probably have recorded a separate update for Adelaide and Perth.

She mentioned at the beginning of the bulletin, “Whether you’re watching on 10, Bold or 10Play…”


The amendment that 10 sent out was for those three markets as you mentioned


Not sure if a new change or just a one-off tonight for the Late News, but staggered start across YouTube / 10 play before terrestrial airing.

There’s lots of ways to watch 10’s Late News!

Tonight you can watch on YouTube at 10pm AEST, on 10Play at 10:20 and on Channel 10 at 10:40pm.


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What would be the purpose of this strategy?

When it comes to 10, who knows.

I can’t think of a reason why it would be available on YouTube first, then 10 play 20 minutes later?

If it’s ready, then should be good to go everywhere.


That’s some erratic scheduling there.

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I just don’t get it.

They’ve spent the last month promoting the bulletin digital first 10pm and now they move it to basically pretty much close to its time on 10.

There’s no plan or roadmap at all there.

It’s times like these where you’d have to just feel like 10 deserve to fail. Surely people aren’t this oblivious?

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As I said, not sure if it’s a new change or just a one off. You’d just think if it can be on YouTube on time, then shouldn’t be a problem to have it on 10 play then too.

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Why would it be a once off though?

There’s no reason for it to be.

I’m just speculating, I don’t have all the answers :man_shrugging:t2:

First time I’ve noticed it, doesn’t seem to be a pattern yet, we won’t know until it happens again.

You’re right. Who knows with 10.

Why can’t they just make it live at 10pm on TV?

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Because they don’t want to pay people to stay behind until at least 11pm. Cheaper to either record it after the end of the Sydney/Brisbane bulletin and the start of the Perth bulletin.

lol at this concept for a 2007 TEN News promo



First the first time in many interest rate decisions 10 got the timing right, slotting the breaking news in after a promo.