Ten News First Content and Appearance

Don’t think giving up the 5-6pm time slot in Melbourne is a good idea - just gives the other networks opportunity to capitalize which has happened in the past and alienates viewers that do tune in at that time.

That said, the timing sucks re axing the 6pm half hour in Melbourne with the changes 9 have just announced.

I’d say 10 should trial leaving the news where it is in Melbourne (eg 5-6:30) while the other cities get the game show at 6pm and see what rates better.

Really promote the 6pm half hour (perhaps formatted as a clear separate half hour at 6 rather than blending in from 5pm) and chuck the game show on 10peach in Melbourne as the Neighbours lead-in.

Perhaps harder to sell a national advertising package but also a minimum risk/minimum loss strategy depending on what works and they can quietly tweak things accordingly, depending on results.

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Clearly that set up hasn’t worked. There is no use pursing the 90 minute bulletin any further.

As I stated above, I think the best option for Melbourne is keeping the 5pm bulletin (but shorten it down to 30 minutes) and have Deal or No Deal launch at 5.30pm with the main bulletin broadcast from 6- 7pm. Melbourne would then join the network live for The Project at 7pm.

5.00 10 News First Melbourne (lead in bulletin - Candice present)
5.30 Deal or No Deal
6.00 10 News First Melbourne (Jennifer and Steven present together)
7.00 The Project (take the last 30 minutes)

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I like it but I just don’t believe Ten would allow The Project to not air completely in the city it is made in.


I like the idea but I still don’t see how this will make a dent. They have 6PM news currently and it doesn’t rate. I don’t see how adding Stephen alongside Jen will make any difference when he’s already in the bulletin.

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Yeah it’s not like Stephen is a massive pull in. Would have to be someone else from Nine or Seven.

It remains to be seen if Deal is actually going to rate any better than news. I’m not convinced especially given 6pm news was added as cheap content last time game shows failed at 6pm. Time will tell, I suppose.

Also, I think the Project does better in Melbourne at 6:30 than it does elsewhere. Can’t see news rating any higher and running news in that time slot doesn’t doesn’t sound particularly economical for 10 when the project is already live.

But has a larger profile than unknow Tom. Everyone knows Steven in Melbourne.

I wouldn’t consider this proposal if Hitch wasn’t taken off weekdays… but I feel Nine is going to be a lot weaker in 2024. And this is an opportunity that 10 should be considering.

Do I think they will, Sadly ‘No’ as the current management structure at 10 wont take a risk on things like this.

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Not sure about the idea of splitting the news up with the gameshow in between. Just have the 1x 60-minute bulletin, with a single anchor. This idea of having two newsreaders is ridiculous when one person can competently read a bulletin by themselves.

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No different to Nine Afternoon News > Hotseat > Nine News?

A 30-minute break between the two is shorter than the 60-minutes The Chase and Hot Seat. I just don’t really see the point for such a short span of time. The headlines and stories will essentially be the same on the two bulletins.

The 5pm bulletin could be structured similar to Nine and Sevens afternoon news, along with promoting the 6pm news as the main news bulletin. Also, its a safe option to keep the 5pm news slot if they need to revert back after 6 months or if Nine/Seven move in.

IF Ten were to trying something different at 6pm in Melbourne, surely a separately branded bulletin at 6 with Jennifer Keyte and maybe Quarters would be the go. Keep 5-6 as planned, but have the 6-6.30 news branded something different (10 News First at 6), promoted as a quick 30 minute bulletin without the waffle, and make sure it has a distinct open to separate it from the 5pm bulletin.

That would be lowest risk as it would keep 5-6 in tact. If it fails, it fails, and they quit 6pm as originally planned.

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Is there no sports update during the midday news?


Quarters needs to stay away from news and stick to sport presenting. If they were to return to a double header, they’ll need to look externally for a male presenter as there isn’t really anyone at ATV that could take the role.


I recall many years ago when 10 began their 5pm bulletin they professed that they were being innovative and that this was the future of the nightly bulletins because that’s what was happening overseas.
30 years later, it hasn’t worked.
But even if the news isn’t successful 6-7 pm, they might be able to find some success with their 5-6pm programming.

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There’s no dedicated segment, just stories as required. Not even on say Fridays.


He’s a male so the viewers would start flocking

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lol yeah. :roll_eyes:

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Great closing shot on Midday today


Not loving the pacing or rundown of the midday news at the moment, particularly today. I’m noticing more and more lately that rather than a snappy rundown of the top stories they’re using the top of the bulletin for fairly drawn out longer form interview, sometimes on more minor issues of the day.

Not against this type of content in the bulletin but not in the first 15 minutes - I suppose they are doing it this way so they can more quickly cut up and package the content for the 5pm news but I’m not sure it’s enhancing the midday bulletin, particularly when you might only watch 15 minutes for the days main stories.