Ten News First Content and Appearance

Looked through the archives and along with upgraded cameras, it seems that the lighting has also changed.
Was warmer previously. Looks better in its current configuration.

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Of course you’re right… but if this is only temporary, you can see why they aren’t making a big fuss about it.

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This whole situation seems weird to me. If it was only temporary, could they not continue to use another presenter from Sydney until Charlotte returns, rather than going to the effort of getting this set back in working order?

How about Nat on weeknights and Charlotte for the local weekend edition?

If the news boss has travelled to New York to talk to Ross Dagan, I feel like they are pitching a return of local bulletins/expansion (etc) rather than cutbacks, unlike what Peter Ford reported


That and Perth has always had its own bulletin of sorts regardless of where it’s presented… maybe they’re right to downplay announcements about presentation for this particular market.

Still, I’d like to see them tweak the voice overs “Live from Perth this is 10 News First with Nat Forrest”.

“Live across Adelaide this is 10 News First with Kate Freebairn,” etc.

Natasha Exelby would also make a great host if they were to return a Brisbane bulletin.

Didn’t she just leave 10?


Yep, but freelancing for them now apparently. Has popped up on Studio 10.


ATV have the additional studio it used to house ATV news in (Cheap Seats use it now?) they could return Adelaide there.

there has to be a reason they’re using TEN’s studio 3 though…

Probably but I’m not privy to that

Monday’s Perth ratings:


Presumably related to Kate relocating to Sydney and she’s the station’s only recognisable “face”.

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Yep, would think working around Kate’s family situation would have something to do with it given the bulletin is sometimes done from Adelaide.

Not sure working around the presenter is the best thing for the bulletin but it is what it is.


I reckon that’s coincidence. I don’t think ATV have a second news space… and tying up their studio 5 (TOSS) doesn’t help their news get better…

Night 2


No right side angle shots ? Hiding that wall now? :disappointed:

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That RGB turquoise is jarring.


Also not a big fan of this, it’s a little too much.

Really impressed with how the sit looks considering it had been in storage.

Are the cameras robotic or manned?

They had just been left as-is, sitting there this entire time, with occasional use every now and again for a guest by The Project or Studio 10 etc.

This view of the set is so good!!

Where did the Sports guy come from? (Granted of been out of Perth for a few years now). What happened to Lachie?