Ten News First Content and Appearance

I was kinda hoping they would be able to transition to Melbourne Cup 2020 set into the news set.

Looks like we might be seeing a wee bit of sunshine for 10 in the mornings. If this keeps up, hopefully we see 10 management increase resources and extend the start time to 7.30/7.00am.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

I think they should just extend it til 9am and shorten Studio 10 to three hours.


Melbourne did make up a large part of the audience. Just had the thought and this is pure speculation that this is in contrast to the other breakfast shows coming out of Sydney. Could they possibly build the bulletin by coming out of Melbourne exclusively? Or even split every day between the two studios. Too radical or too expensive?

We can all see there is a market for pure news in the morning; but perhaps also for one that is delivered not just from the Sydney CBD.


It would be nice to see Melbourne used more by 10, but wasn’t the whole point of the Morning bulletin to take advantage of the resources that were already activated for Studio 10 anyway?

I’ve always previously said… having a national breakfast show coming out of Melbourne was the way to go for TEN. Massive opportunity over its Sydney competitors.

I would keep watching the numbers, but the first extension to bulletin should be to move Lachlan down to Melbourne and present with Natasha 5 days a week. I would extend the bulletin to an hour from 8-9am. A senior producer would also be required in Melbourne, essentially a team breaking away from Studio 10.


Is a double header really worth it?

I’m talking about expansion.

I know, but even once the bulletin is hypothetically extended to perhaps an hour, does it really require two people reading it? Ten would hopefully be conducting some sort of research and polling to see how popular Lachlan and Natasha are if they had to choose between the two of them. They are are still completely unknown compared to the likes of Kochie and Karl.

At the end of the day, is the No. 1 priority the 5pm nightly bulletin, or the breakfast bulletin?

Both if numbers improve at Breakfast.

Its optics. Just like any other double header. Toy appeal to both demos

Interview at desk this morning


They really need to lighten things up in that corner of the set, it’s all just so blue and the vertical screens are so dull as has been mentioned before.

There’s a gradient to the right of the main screen which is more breakfast orientated, but it’s only seen in wide opening shots.

Changing the lighting to white around the set, including those strip lights and a similar gradient to Melb behind Lachlan would help.


Those vertical screens are looking pretty burnt out too….

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Some habits are hard to stop :wink:


haha oh dear

I’m not watching the whole video, what’s the issue?

He said Good Evening instead of Good Morning. :hushed:


omg first world problems, david. who cares. a mistake! wow… earth shattering :stuck_out_tongue:


To be fair, David didn’t mention it. He was answering a question.

And I dont think anyone thinks it was an earth shattering event. It was pointing out an observation. Complete with an eye winking emoji to confirm that.