Ten News First Content and Appearance

Would love to see Nine or Seven pick her up.

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So sad seeing all these farewells for Network 10 presenters today.

I have to say though, none of them have held a candle to the farewell Jim Wilson received on 7News Sydney and considering some of these people have spent decades at 10 that is an absolute shame. I guess management would only allow so much.


Nine should pick her up and have her do the 5pm bulletin. Just a few blocks away from the 10 News studio.


It would only remind the management of what will haunt them going into the future.

I have liked 10’s news teams for a while so to see so many culled is absolutely tragic.


Don’t despair :cry:


Just a reminder folks, these are the numbers the bulletins are pulling ratings wise. The bulletin also skews very old and as has been critiqued over and over here on MediaSpy, they have steadfastly refused to try and monetize the news through the likes of social media and YouTube. They’re already at a stage where it’s highly unlikely they’re going to sink any further as a result of consolidation. The metro audience for BRIS/ADL/PER barely breaks 150k.

Fri 4/9

Mon 7/9

Tue 8/9

Wed 9/9

Thu 10/9

It sucks, but at the same time you can be sure that Seven and Nine will be keeping a close eye on the impact, if any to the ratings across BRIS/ADL/PER. If the impact is minimal (say 10-20% down), don’t be surprised if we see the other commercial networks (particularly Seven) considering similar moves.

As I see it, unless the ACMA steps in it’s the beginning of the end for locally presented / produced news bulletins on commercial FTA outside of SYD/MEL.


Could this post have not waited a few days?

Let today be about the people who’ve lost their jobs.


Terrific social distancing

Now is not the time, if only there was a dislike button.

Ratings are, to an extent, a reflection of crappy promotion and lack of investment by 10 management over many years. Same goes for lack of digital/social. Potential was there but successive management has destroyed the place. No reflection on the local teams that have done the best with what they were given.


It’s a private workplace in Adelaide, realistically they can do what they want from a social distancing sense.


A couple of message to 10 QLD


This is gut-wrenching. The regard between presenters and crew really shines through in each of these clips. Our TV screens are the poorer with the loss of so many talented people, on both sides of the camera. Here’s wishing one day, local TV news may return to TEN.


Good lord, less than 100k in Sydney most nights when ABC News (yes, I know about the differences in timeslot…) has recently been cracking 200k at times.

And presumably this is for the 5pm hour as well! I’d hate to see what the 6pm half hour of 10 News First has been receiving. On a good night, probably less than half or perhaps even a third of what Nine News Sydney gets on a bad night would be my guess.

Sadly, I suspect you may turn out to be right about this prediction.

Remembering who the current CEO of Seven West Media is (if I’m not mistaken, he oversaw one of the previous rounds of Ten News cutbacks), it would not surprise me in the slightest if they move towards national bulletins at some point in the future - certainly at 4pm weekdays but perhaps even at 6pm on weekends.

Nine I think is likely to keep their metro 6pm bulletins largely as they are for the moment, but at the same time one can’t rule out future cutbacks there. Like Seven, I’d probably expect the local 4pm (or 5pm in Adelaide) bulletin to be affected first.

Looks like a tight knit group of good people in each city doing a job they love. For many it will be the last job in television and even the media for them. These staff, their families and communities all let down by inexcusable decisions by management over many years who had no plan of what Ten News was to be beyond the next day. Best of luck to the staff on the daily grind.


Not happy comments on the QLD FB page. Most of them switching off.

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:roll_eyes: give it a rest mate.


All areas these bulletins are featured in have very little or no COVID cases.

It can be excused


Absolutely disgraceful that Ten have done this. A very quick but classy goodbye from Monika, Tim and Michael in Perth.

This reminds me of a 60 Minutes story I saw when Mal Walden was dumped from Seven Melbourne. One of the quotes in that episode went along the lines of “people didn’t watch but they were happy knowing it was there” (referring to Seven National News which had terrible ratings at the time).

Perth is a Seven town of course but knowing that Nine and Ten were there has always been reassuring. Unfortunately just being there doesn’t come cheap and here we are.

Still, a terrible decision by Ten. All we can do now is send our best wishes to all of the very talented people that finished up today.


Words can’t explain how filthy I am with this. I have always loved Channel 10 and these big egos at CH10 management have ZERO compassion, ZERO appreciation and ZERO heart for these quality presenters and their families…


This one?