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Not great.

Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother were recently axed after 18 years on British television.

Big Brother has not been axed or renewed yet, after 20 seasons on American television.


Those are not the only 2 versions though. It is still going strong in it’s 19th season in Brazil, 10th season in Bulgaria, 7th season in Canada, 7th season in Croatia, 12th season in India, 10th season in Israel, 16th season in Italy, 8th season in the Phillipines and 8th season in Portugal.


I personally would love to see Big Brother back but it can’t go back on 10. On 10peach I could see it working. And peach really do need work and original content.

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IMO 10 needs to fix the main channel before 10 Peach.

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I think 10 come as a package and all needs to be fixed together. You can’t just fix up parts of the package and expect it to get better you need to fix it all. And if they have first run content on all forms the viewers will come.

Same goes with All Access. Content needs to go on there too. If viewers start to know 10 has content on all these platforms viewers will come back.


Agreed. When looking at the network as a whole, 10 is falling at all fronts. Strategy must be applied to all platforms, including on the multi-channels. Big Brother may work as a local selling point for 10Peach.


Well, they’re changing the schedule once again (almost like 10 programmers are just having fun)…

I’ll comment in the 10 Peach thread.


Heading over now


Week commencing 24 March 2019


Sunday 24 March
06:30 pm The Sunday Project
07:30 pm Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway
09:00 pm Hughesy, We Have A Problem
10:00 pm NCIS Rpt

Monday 25 March
07:30 pm Dancing With The Stars
09:30 pm The Graham Norton Show Rpt
10:30 pm Hughesy, We Have A Problem Rpt

Tuesday 26 March
07:30 pm Ambulance Australia
08:30 pm NCIS Rpt
09:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles S10 Ep17
10:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles Rpt

Wednesday 27 March
07:30 pm Bondi Rescue S14 Ep06
08:00 pm Bondi Rescue Rpt
08:30 pm Law And Order: SVU S20 Ep18
09:30 pm Law And Order: SVU Rpt
10:30 pm Sports Tonight
11:00 pm Hawaii Five-0 Rpt

Thursday 28 March
07:30 pm Show Me The Movie!
08:30 pm Gogglebox S9 Ep08
09:30 pm Hughesy, We Have A Problem Rpt
10:30 pm Blue Bloods S9 Ep18

Friday 29 March
07:30 pm The Living Room Season Premiere
08:30 pm The Graham Norton Show S24 Ep19 Guests: Chris Pratt, Dame Judi Dench, Keira Knightley, Sir Ian McKellen, Emily Blunt, Chris Pine & Lady Gaga.
09:30 pm Movie: Runaway Bride (1999)

Saturday 30 March
06:00 pm David Attenborough’s Madagascar Rpt
07:00 pm Bondi Rescue Rpt
07:30 pm One Born Every Minute Season Premiere
08:30 pm Ambulance Australia Rpt
09:30 pm Movie: Ocean’s Thirteen
11:35 pm NCIS: New Orleans Rpt

Show Me The Movie!

So much for bumping Takeaway to 7pm for one night.


It is bumped for one night. Tonight. The guide you are looking at is for next Sunday.


Sorry for not making it clear. I was saying that I thought Takeaway was going to stay at 7pm from now on, but next week it’s back at 7:30 which is kind of pointless.


No. They have said it was only for one night.


Oh ok it seems I’ve missed that announcement. I saw the promos which said new time of 7pm and assumed it was staying there permanently.


The promos I’ve seen have said “earlier time” but anyways all good.

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The guest list for The Graham Norton Show is wrong, unless it’s a compilation show or a repeat of this season? Anyway, the 25th season starts in UK on April 12, which means Ten should show it on April 19.


Pointless moving Takeaway to 7:00pm for only one week. It should have been a permanent move.


maybe they’ll see how it rates tonight and decide from there


Shouldn’t be repeats in prime time eg Graham Norton, Bondi Rescue . Law and Order SVU …

Law and Order , NCIS should be all moved to 10 Bold.