Ten Network - Programs and Schedules

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Such a random timeslot for a once a week show. It certainly won’t do any better than Sundays and Mondays particularly with Bondi and Montreal Comedy as a lead in.


So…no news in Sydney and Melbourne after the GP?


It’s good they moved law and order SVU. That was seriously the stupidest decision I think 10 made. Although Hughesy encores probably would rate better at 9:30 Thursday.


10 News First on 10 Bold


Aren’t they on at 7pm? Neverland was after 8:30pm.

Neverland could have been on Sunday if they did a deal with HBO to co-produce this series. This is the type of programming Ten should be doing more of rather than the same shit realities week and week.

Perhaps Ten executives should go and visit Channel 4 in Britain and see how they operate. Channel 4 can certainly help Ten with the 6pm slot.


I seriously doubt that. But since you keep insisting on saying it…

  1. Why on earth would HBO want to work with Ten? Seems more likely they’d go for Foxtel, if they wanted an Aussie co-prod…and who’s saying they did?

  2. Why would Ten go into co-production on this so early in the piece. It makes no sense for them to be involved and throw money at this, for an uncertain return. Better to buy the rights when they come up.

  3. You keep insisting they could have shown it last Sunday. That would have been before the HBO premiere, who clearly were the majority backers. So there’s no way that would have been allowed, unless for some bizarre reason they outpaid HBO. Then Channel 4 got next dibs on it, so Ten would have had to outpay them to get it before them.


The Brisbane EPG has changed to:

Sunday 17 March
06:00 pm The Sunday Project
07:00 pm Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway
08:30 pm Hughesy, We Have A Problem
09:30 pm NCIS x 2 Rpt


With The Sunday Project now starting at 6pm, does it mean changes for Adelaide?



According to EPG, these are now:

9:40pm: The Graham Norton Show
10:46pm: Hughesy, We Have A Problem


Only a matter of time before The Project goes back to 6pm weekdays as well.


90 minutes? Maybe they could do that.

I’d argue the ten brand is toxic and nothing they ever will do will ever rate at this point in time. They’re fortunes will one day change but not in the immediate future.


FFS can you give it a rest? Simpsons are not going to solve 10’s problems. If it won at 6pm then wouldn’t Seven shunt their news for it? There’s a reason they don’t.

Plus how many times has Channel 4 won the 6pm slot? I’d wager that BBC and ITV are ahead.


I don’t really get that when online videos still go viral and have huge amounts of views. Its not The Project that is toxic its 10.


Think you’re both making the same point there.


It’s not about winning that timeslot, it’s about the younger demos, which Ten are supposedly targeting again.

Of course, BBC and ITV win the 6pm slot with their news bulletins.


There’s plenty of other ways to attract those demos. Simpsons (nor Family Feud or Pointless) is so behind the times and will definitely not work. Those who really want their share of Simpsons can go online or watch on Fox8 instead of going on 10.


Anyone that mentions bringing back the f@#ken Simpsons again on this site should be banned for life! :wink:


Sunday 17 March
11:00 am AEDT 2019 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix

Brisbane, Perth
05:00 pm Ten News First

05:30 pm Ten News First

06:00 pm The Sunday Project
07:00 pm Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway
08:30 pm Hughesy, We Have A Problem
09:30 pm NCIS x 2 Rpt


They can’t bring it back anyway as another network has the rights … Bring back Big Brother on the other hand… just need some couples like on MAFS and you have a ratings winner ? Not sure how Big Brother is doing globally though these days…


10 News First will air on 10Bold in Sydney and Melbourne from 5pm to 6pm.