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As if 10 has money to invest in productions all over the world.


CBS has money (apparently).

Anyway, the hype has died down and by now people have either seen the doco or read about it. Channel 4 are too slow too.


Given the American free to air networks are very conservative when it comes to airing anything of a sexual nature, I really can’t see how that doco could’ve been co-produced and broadcast by CBS, NBC or ABC.

Some of what Robson and Safechuck related was just too horrendous and disturbing. Even the network news services were judicious about the clips they aired from the doco and preceded them with a warning about their nature.

I don’t know how radio stations or music video channels will ever be able to play Jackson’s music again considering he is now so tarnished by these allegations. One of my happiest childhood memories is a primary school trip. Most of the long bus trip was spent singing along to the newly released Thriller album. The teacher went to the trouble to type out the lyrics for us. Even that memory is sullied by these revelations.


Revelations that he is no longer around to defend mind you.
These cases have been in and out of courts for years and none have managed to prove him guilty - it isn’t to say he didn’t do it but I do find it unfair to go public with this now when there is no ability to defend oneself.


That is exactly how I feel. It would be different if he was still alive to defend himself and give his side of the story.


Anything really, especially swearing. More than one F-word and it gets a TV-MA (or R for DVD) in the US.

Here, we have Die Hard and the like, littered with F-word derivatives, and it gets an M (equivalent of TV-14 or PG-13 for DVD in the US).



It’s not an open cheque book to spend on every project under the sun. Maybe Ten said no. Maybe HBO/C4 didn’t even make it an option. It’s all very well to say Ten should have been on board as co producers but maybe it was just not available. They can’t dictate to be included


I just find the whole thing quite exploitative. Why did they choose to make a documentary film about it vs just speaking out?


The molestation or the documentary?


Can someone please clarify for me. The alleged victim who is in the documentary, is he the one that had already taken him to court and the case was thrown out? Is he also the one that signed something to say what he said was wrong? Or is it a new alleged victim?


Aussie Wade Robson was a key witness for the defence and claimed at the time that Michael Jackson never touched him inappropriately. James Safechuck, also makes similar allegations of child sexual assault.

It was Gavin Arvizo and his family, whose claims of abuse prompted the trial in 2005. There are claims that victims were paid off to hide or lie about what happened.


The documentary.



There really isn’t much they can do. They just have to wait it out until April.


Michael Jackson Doco: Leaving Neverland.

Premieres Tonight At 8.30pm.

The controversial Michael Jackson documentary, Leaving Neverland , has made headlines worldwide and Australian audiences can now watch this explosive documentary when it premieres on 10 and WIN Network tonight at 8.30pm.

For those who can’t wait, the extended and unedited version of Leaving Neverland will be fast-tracked on 10 Play and 10 All Access from this morning at 10.01am.

The two-part documentary explores the separate but parallel experiences of two young boys, Brisbane-born Wade Robson, at age 7 and James Safechuck, at age 10, who were both befriended by Michael Jackson and invited into his singular, fairy-tale world.

Through gut-wrenching interviews with Safechuck, now 40, and Robson, now 36, and their families, Leaving Neverland crafts a portrait of alleged exploitation and explores the complicated feelings that led both men to confront their experiences only after they each had a young son of their own.

Dubbed by media as “a bombshell”, “deeply emotional”, “complicated and heartbreaking”, Leaving Neverland is unmissable, compelling viewing.

Leaving Neverland is a HBO commissioned documentary in conjunction with British film maker Dan Reed ( The Valley, Terror In Mumbai , Three Days Of Terror: The Charlie Hedbo Attacks , The Paedophile Hunter ) and Channel 4 UK.


It’s on 10 play now, doesn’t appear to have been added to 10 All Access yet.


So the broadcasts are abridged?


The original running time for the premiere at Sundance in January was 236 mins, which is what HBO would have shown commercial free.

Channel 4 in the UK showed it over three hours including commercials over two nights, so big chunks were cut.

It appears 10play has the original version as it runs for 234 mins. Assuming 10 would be showing about 80 mins of commercials and promos over the four hour broadcast over two nights, it appears, and I’m guessing, that 10 free-to-air has the shorter Channel 4 version.


The fact 10’s release above provided by Cynic used both “extended” and “unedited” makes me wonder if 10 have also edited for content, not just run time?

As we know, the commercial FTA Code prohibits any content that exceeds “strong impact” i.e. R18+ (however that is decided who knows), but as this is hot off the press, it hasn’t been classified by the ACB. Meaning 10 were probably extra careful when reviewing it for broadcast.

You would think though that an MA rating would be fine for the thematic content around child sexual abuse / pedophilia that is being alleged / discussed, as a lot of those true crime specials have had similar on Seven and Nine.


It is very long having just watched it but I consider if they tried to rush it, the claims would have sounded less credible than the way they are presented as is now. A good presentation by Ten as expected and I hope the ratings do it justice, despite some of the more specific references/allegations which would have turned some viewers off.

Looking forward to the conclusion tomorrow night.