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The mystery is why they have shoved Leaving Neverland into a Friday/Saturday slot - unless that was the earliest it was available to them. Worth an 8:30 run midweek given the buzz, surely and the fact nothing is working for them.


Totally agree - a bit of buzz surrounding it yet they’ve shoved it to Friday/Saturday.

Surely given there is nothing better on they could air it 8.30 Tuesday and 8.30 Wednesday.


And don’t forget that they’re endlessly repeated on Peach or Bold as well. How many times can you keep showing the same stuff?


Leaving Neverland is a co-production between HBO and UK Channel 4. It airs on Channel 4 over Wednesday and Thursday nights. I’d say it wouldn’t be available to international broadcasters until it has aired in the UK hence the Friday scheduling in Australia, Sunday in NZ.


It’s being dropped on 10 play from 10:01am Friday morning, so assume they’re airing it as early as possible.

The broadcast time has also been brought forward by an hour on Friday and 30 mins of Saturday from memory, so that’s something I guess.


They haven’t aired the latest series of Hawaii Five O. Pointlessly shunted both This is Us and Madam Secretary to multichannels, I’d argue neither have improved the share of those channels. No reason why they couldn’t be airing at 10.30 Mon/Tue/Wed. After all, 7 seem happy to shunt The Blacklist to midnightish and 9 have Manifest at 11.15ish. Instead let’s have Norton and Hughes 5 times in a week.


Nothing unexpected.


It’s cheaper for Ten to run encores and also boosts their Aus content hours. Any loss can be put down to marketing as that is effectively what an encore is supposed to be.


Pointlessly or due to terrible ratings? If they can’t work on 10 Peach then what hope has it on 10?

Personally I think the 10 Peach rebrand has failed and nobody knows what it is now. I think it had more cut through as 11. They should do what they did with 10 Boss to 10 Bold and look for a better name for 10 Peach and then improve their marketing and branding.


Doesn’t matter what they call it. Apart from Neighbours, it is a channel full of tired old content


There’s absolutely no need for such language :open_mouth:


Permaban surely?

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Both parts of Leaving Neverland have now aired on HBO so unfortunately for Ten, most will watch via other means.

Ten really needed to air this last night and tonight.


As has been established, they don’t obtain broadcast rights until Friday 10am AEDT.



*citation needed


Don’t you think they would air it as soon as they can? The odd 10:01 am Friday streaming on Tenplay suggests an embargo until 10 am Friday.


10am AEDT Friday will be 11pm Thursday in the UK which is the time the doco concludes on Channel 4. There is obviously an embargo.


Except it’s already aired on HBO.

Perhaps this should have been a co-production between HBO and Channel 10 as half of it is based in Australia.


Who aren’t the only producers, as has been pointed out.