Ten Network - Programs and Schedules

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Re-read what I said. At no point did I say that 10 was responsible to no one. I said that 10 doesnt have to tell shareholders, let alone any member of the public, their plans or intentions.


But they do that. Read the news section of their website. You appear to be saying they can be transparent when it suits them and that is satisfactory? People and businesses who gatekeep information like that don’t tend to do well.


Righto. I said they dont need to.

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Do they do it for other fully fledged FTA networks they own?


According to Studio 10 this morning, both Part 1 & 2 of Leaving Neverland will air at 8:30pm next Friday & Saturday.


I tihnk that’s a good move, it would never have got an audience at 9:30, but I think it should have been run over another night.


I’m assuming this will be rated MA due to the strong sexual themes?


It is rated MA based on the promos.


Is 10’s schedule still blank for 9:30pm to 11:30pm tomorrow?



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Week commencing 10 March 2019


Sunday 10 March
07:30 pm Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway
09:00 pm Hughesy, We Have A Problem
10:00 pm NCIS Rpt

Monday 11 March
07:30 pm Dancing With The Stars Ep03
09:30 pm TBA
10:30 pm TBA

Tuesday 12 March
07:30 pm Ambulance Australia
08:30 pm NCIS S16 Ep15
09:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles S10 Ep15
10:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles Rpt

Wednesday 13 March
07:30 pm Bondi Rescue S14 Ep04
08:00 pm Bondi Rescue Rpt
08:30 pm Law And Order: SVU S20 Rpt x 2
10:30 pm Hawaii Five-0 Rpt

Thursday 14 March
07:30 pm Show Me The Movie!
08:30 pm Gogglebox S9 Ep06
09:30 pm Blue Bloods S9 Ep16
10:30 pm Blue Bloods Rpt

Friday 15 March
07:30 pm The Graham Norton Show S24 Ep17 Guests: Sir Patrick Stewart, Ricky Gervais, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Jack Savoretti.
08:30 pm TBA
09:30 pm TBA

Saturday 16 March
11:00 am AEDT 2019 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix
07:30 pm Bondi Rescue Rpt
08:00 pm TBA
09:00 pm Ambulance Rpt
10:15 pm NCIS: New Orleans S5 Ep16
11:15 pm NCIS: New Orleans Rpt

Market variations will be posted later.

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Schedule Update

Tuesday 5 March
09:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles now a repeat.

Friday 8 March
07:30 pm The Graham Norton Show S24 Ep16 Guests: Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Jennifer Connelly, Chaka Khan and Paul Whitehouse.
08:30 pm Leaving Neverland - Part I

Saturday 9 March
06:00 pm David Attenborough And The Sea Dragon
07:00 pm TBA
07:30 pm TBA
08:30 pm Leaving Neverland - Part II


10’s Liv Phyland has a travel special coming this weekend called Discover Japan: Okinawa with Liv Phyland to air from 4:30-5:00pm on Saturday & repeated at 1:00-1:30pm Sunday on their main channel. It looks like she travelled over there in late January for filming, but I can’t find any other details about the programme online.


10 have recently signed a content supply agreement (disclaimer: deduced, not publicly announced) with Defiant Screen Entertainment.

Australian all rights distributor, based in NSW. Formerly known as “Anchor Bay”.

Seems to be 10 Bold. Content seen so far includes CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY (no longer licenced by CBS) and independent movies such as “I.T.” (2016) which has aired and a FTA premiere “Stratton” (2017) this Sunday.

Good to see 10 investing in more content, they need it, especially with 10 Bold performing very well and having lost the 20C Fox output :slight_smile: Even though licencing is expensive, although won’t be as much as a Hollywood studio and 10 have extra cash now too.


CBS owns CSI, of course. I can understand licencing the programs for DVD and Blu-ray as happens with some programs, which the Defiant Screen Entertainment website shows - they have distribution rights for the CSI DVDs. But why would CBS effectively use an agent for the free-to-air rights in Australia?


True, makes sense.

They’re definitely airing indie movies from Defiant though.

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09:40 pm The Graham Norton Show Rpt
10:40 pm Hughesy, We Have A Problem Rpt

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Wasteland, rpt rpt rpt rpt. 10 still think its summer? Or does 9pm and after not exist?

I don’t want to be unnecessarily harsh, but for goodness sake.


What do you want to see instead?


Anything new. Even a doco or specials that may have aired elsewhere but is fresh to 10. Surely there’s some FTA movie premieres that they can burn off.

But countless encores of shows we watched days ago over and over is the main issue here.

Seven and Nine are airing encores too, but not almost nightly and usually late at night not 9pm. And if they are or have been at 9pm, it was Sunday after their two other prime time shows finished.

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