Ten Network - Programs and Schedules

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Aside from obvious habitual factors, the thing not mentioned in that article is that both Seven & Nine are hugely advantaged by having considerably stronger news/current affairs & sports departments (and therefore, stronger incentives for viewers to stay tuned to the network for extended periods of time) than Ten.


That is so true. Seven’s 6 - 7pm hour is highly successful, and is not going to change for a while. Anything Ten airs in that slot, will sadly disappoint in the tv ratings. Particularly on the Weekends.


Why 9.30pm for Neverland Part 2? What’s so good that’ll be airing at 8.30pm?


Probably One Born Every Minute.


So why TBA it now? Don’t they want people to know?

Not like Seven or Nine will do anything different.


Its more like Ambulance Australia, as One Born Every Minute has been put on hold for the moment.


Ambulance Australia will be on Tuesdays. Do you mean Ambulance UK?


It’s probably an encore of the same episode from Tuesday…


According to TV Week it had been Bull.


I think Ten should have scheduled the DWTS encore that aired late last night much earlier on Saturday; perhaps even taken a risk with 6pm.


I find most of these analyses pretty one dimensional. While much of what is said in this particular one is correct, how can you write an article about a modern TV network without mentioning even once the word “demographics”? And, it seems to be a pretty common omission. For example, I saw criticism somewhere regarding Thursday’s ratings commenting that Ten’s main channel was beaten by ABC’s; yet 10 was (easily) the number one channel in the key advertising demos and had triple the audience of ABC. Worth a mention I would have thought.


But difficult when those numbers aren’t provided for discussion by OzTAM.


When it comes to ‘mainstream’ reporting of ratings, total viewers is the only metric that matters. Sure, demos are the key metric for advertisers and some networks. However, the only people who care about those figures (aside from networks and advertisers) are people who follow the media closely such as ourselves. All the general public are interested in is things like what are the top-rating shows and whether a certain show is beating another one (eg; the focus surrounding Today’s current ratings woes)

It’s like the ‘shots on target’ stat in soccer - fans might look at it to see how many chances both teams had. However, the way matches are reported naturally focuses on how many goals were scored


Media outlets would subscribe to much more data than what we mere mortals get for free


I phoned network ten Perth and asked what is in the time slot at 6pm. Unfortunately, it says To Be Advised. Following the Adelaide v8 Supercars, they have news. I am guessing that they might play repeat of David Attenborough documentary, followed by double episodes of Bondi Rescue. At 7:30pm, it will be changing rooms.


Schedule Update

Friday 1 March
07:30 pm The Graham Norton Show S24 Ep15 Guests: Dame Judi Dench, Sir Kenneth Branagh, Anthony Joshua, Greg Davies, Noomi Rapace & Claire Richards
08:30 pm Hughesy, We Have A Problem Rpt
09:30 pm Dancing With The Stars Rpt

Saturday 2 March
07:30 pm TBA
09:10 pm Ambulance Rpt
10:25 pm NCIS: New Orleans Rpt x 2


Wow, they’ve finally dumped Changing Rooms.

The 7:30 Saturday TBA could be One Born Every Minute.


Is Hughesy on Friday’s an encore or original?




Thanks. If it can’t lift in coming weeks it should be axed. It has had enough of a chance and he’s got a high profile.