Ten Network - Programs and Schedules

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Changing Rooms is not a reality program like Celeb or MasterChef. It just happens to be running twice a week. It’ll be interesting to see if viewers tire of it if they keep rushing it through at the rate of twice a week.


My thoughts exactly.


What are the chances of those 6.30 and 8.00 slots on the Saturday being Celeb into Sat schoolies? Fits in time wise, reckon it might actually give 10 the shot in the arm they need on Sat nights and, in hindsight, probably could have been happening all season.


I’m sorry but wouldn’t it be Changing Rooms encore, as those times are the same length for it.


Possibly. Celeb also goes for 90 mins and Schoolies goes for 60, so it fits in time wise also.


Schedule Update

Friday 8 February
09:30 pm Hughesy, We Have A Problem Rpt

Monday 11 February
10:00 pm Hughesy, We Have A Problem Rpt


Schedule Update

Sunday 10 February
09:00 pm Hughesy, We Have A Problem Rpt

Monday 11 February
09:00 pm The Graham Norton Show Rpt
10:00 pm Show Me The Movie! Rpt


10 must be worried about the ratings of Hughesy that it had to repeat the same episode three nights in a row!
However, NCIS also had a four-week break in the US so maybe 10 is holding back new episodes in case of another broadcast break.


NCIS was pre-empted in the US last week by the State of the Union Address so Ten might have needed to adjusted their plans for the rest of the season.


Week commencing 17 February 2019


Sunday 17 February
07:30 pm I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Season Final
09:00 pm NCIS S16 Ep12
10:00 pm NCIS Rpt

Monday 18 February
07:30 pm Dancing With The Stars Season Premiere
09:30 pm The Graham Norton Show Rpt
10:30 pm Hughesy, We Have A Problem Rpt

Tuesday 19 February
07:30 pm Ambulance Australia Rpt
08:30 pm Hughesy, We Have A Problem
09:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles x 2 Rpt

Wednesday 20 February
07:30 pm Changing Rooms
09:00 pm Law And Order: SVU S20 Ep14
10:00 pm Law And Order: SVU Rpt

Thursday 21 February
07:30 pm Changing Rooms
08:30 pm Gogglebox S9 Ep03
09:30 pm Blue Bloods S9 Ep14
10:30 pm Blue Bloods Rpt

Friday 22 February
07:30 pm Show Me The Movie! S2 Ep03
08:30 pm The Graham Norton Show S24 Ep14 Guests: Laura Linney, Saoirse Ronan, Timothee Chalamet and Stephen Mangan
09:30 pm TBA
10:30 pm Montreal Comedy Festival Rpt

Saturday 23 February
06:30 pm TBA
07:30 pm TBA
09:30 pm NCIS: New Orleans S5 Ep14
10:30 pm NCIS
11:30 pm Elementary


I quite like the 7:30 lineup. Parts of the post 8:30 lineup seem weak but it’s still a decent lineup.


Apologies but haven’t seen this linked anywhere as yet here. Podcast Interview with Bev McGarvey around a fair few things.

‘Inside Network 10: From Celebrity to Dancing to Changing Rooms’ and thought you might enjoy it

Direct link: https://aw-au.noxsolutions.com/launchpod/au/MediaWeek/mp3/MediaWeek-BeverleyMcGarvey-SEG1-FINAL_d65a505e.mp3?awCollectionId=8020&awEpisodeId=8fb952b6-12b7-46e7-a700-aa1ed65a505e

Web: https://www.podcastone.com.au/Mediaweek-TV

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id414419105?pt=10736&ct=Podcast


Knowing DWTS always went overtime when it was on Seven, we should all expect Ten’s version will run past 9.30pm on its return next week.


Maybe explains why a rpt of Graham Norton is in the slot. It seems like such a waste of a potential lead in though.


Thank you very much


Thanks for posting the podcast

@JBar is going to kill me. But I wish they would stop saying 50 week schedule. She clearly states middle of Jan until Christmas. It is NOT 50 weeks.

Other than that no fourth channel. Definitely a change coming to 6pm and looks like a move away from the game show. People aren’t ready to relax at 6pm and want something to just listen to in the background. And The Project is going to be given a massive push at the end of March.



One Born Every Minute used to air on SBS, but I am not sure if it will shore up 10’s Saturday night ratings.


Probably not, but a local version could do well.


I guess 10 figure they had somewhat success with airing the UK version of Ambulance on Saturday nights and the local version did very well for them so they’ll be looking for more ob doc formats they can adapt for a local audience.

Surprised they haven’t announced another season or version of Secret Life of 4/5 year olds.