Ten Network - Programs and Schedules

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Probably yes … just not as many split codes as Seven does for one cricket match. :grinning:


Sunday 13 January
09:30 pm NCIS x 2 Rpt

Saturday 19 January
07:00 pm I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Saturday Schoolies
08:00 pm Movie: Madagascar (2005)


Its a pity 10 aren’t also putting an episode on Friday considering The Living Room hasn’t even begun yet.


No, don’t. I love The Living Room repeats!


Go watch the on 10 All Access.


That and 7 nights a week is a bit much.


Fair enough. I guess I would just rather see networks prioritise new content over repeats, whether it is Friday, Monday or Sundays.


I totally agree I just think 7 nights of the one show is too much.


All for keeping Living Room there and only having it 5 nights or 6 nights if they had new episodes of The Living Room.


Hosts and crew can’t work 7 days a week. They need rest breaks too. 5 days a week is enough.


It’s on 6 haha.


I know. But there are other shows you can do just like they did with BB back in the day.


Yeah. Too many. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Show Me The Movie is coming to 7:30pm Friday’s from Friday 8th February.


I wonder if that means The Living Room will move to 8:30pm or not on at all until Chris and Amanda (after DWTS) are back.


Doubt it, I think they’re just adding to the schedule so there’s something in the 7:30pm slot before TLR returns for the year.

Also, Hughesy We Have A Probelem returns Tuesday 29th January at 8:30pm.


Oh dear. Can’t give figures here of course. But wait til you see the channel share for Ten on Saturday night.


Great news.


Really is bad. They only aired two family movies last night. If those movies had aired on seven or nine, they would’ve got three times the audience share. Ten really is a toxic brand for mass viewers.


I’ve seen them on TV Tonight. Ten’s main channel was only a few points ahead of 9Go! - absolutely tragic.

Even going by the ratings for the only Network Ten program to make last night’s Top 20, Chris Bath really can’t come soon enough for the weekend editions of 10 News First!