Ten Network - Programs and Schedules

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Didn’t 10 already do that in 2016 with The Bachelor airing against (highlights) of Rio against Seven?


Will you watch I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here on delay?


I’ll have to try I guess, but hard with the long episode time and so many episodes in a short space. Ten play most likely


why shouldn’t they? Plenty of people not interested in watching Olympics or sports in general. I don’t subscribe to the theory that non-sports or non-Olympics networks should just play dead while competition is on. However, a 3.5 hour debut and then 90 minute episodes four nights in a row is going to be a big ask. This was the show’s problem in previous years in that there just isn’t enough to fill 90 minutes consistently.

I know Ten needs to fill hours but I think this is a bit counterproductive.


That’s a mistake in the guide. The premiere is also 90 minutes.


fair enough. Still, 90 minutes for 5 nights in a row is ambitious.


Well, somrone should tell 10. TV Week, Fetch, Foxtel and my Smart TV which all say it’s 7.30pm to 11pm.


Yeah, it’s too much of a commitment especially if people are also watching the cricket or tennis. I expect Celebrity to hit new lows this year.



Sunday 13 January
09:00 pm NCIS x 3 Rpt


Lol 50 weeks of premium programming.


Or maybe they are going to repeat it straight after to pick up any day light saving late comers :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grimacing:


3 episodes in a row? Even the die hards would struggle to stay up for that :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh but it hasn’t started yet and it’s too soon to expect too much change and they did pilot week so at least they’re trying but try to remember that they don’t have the budget or the viewers or even an extensive list of excuses because if they did I could probably drag this single sentence out to a good dozen or so lines.


Speaking of Pilot Week.

I don’t understand why 10 aren’t repeating the episodes over summer from Pilot Week that they have now picked up to try and increase their audience. Taboo would be perfect after Celebrity on Sunday for example. Kinne Tonight could replace one of the Graham Norton rpts they have this week…


Interesting to note after the speculation about the length of this year’s debut episode of I’m A Celebrity that the new US season of The Bachelor commenced today with a 3 hour live broadcast!


Jesus Christ that’s too much, overload!


Yeah, they seem to be copying us now, more often, with reality shows.


I suppose a US audience might watch something until 11pm as there is a pattern of late night viewing there, but I doubt Australians would be sticking around until 11.30pm for a 3 hour broadcast to finish.


Yeah I hope 10 don’t start targeting nine year olds anytime soon. I would be so disappointed if 10 launched a new ‘Man vs Wild’ with Logan Paul. Don’t need that crap content.

Most of the YouTuber’s that are popular with older teenagers/people in their 20’s are way too edgy for network TV in the current climate. If 10 wanted to be edgy and wanted to go down this path, they could bite the bullet and sign up one for a special or a show.


So how many times will 10 manipulate the ratings codings? :wink:

“Preview” “Welcome to Jungle” “Launch” “Evie and Angie arrive” “Camp” “Late”