Ten Network - Programs and Schedules

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When it improves its news services and gets the rights to major sports like AFL, NRL and sole rights to international cricket played in Australia.


I was thinking… if seven and ten swapped programming and everything I reckon ten still would be third. People just don’t watch ten and watch seven/nine as default.


Not to mention that Seven actually has second rate shit that doesn’t resonate well with 10’s audience, they would be far worse with Seven’s programs. 10’s programs aren’t too bad but they don’t know how to promote anything properly. That’s their problem.


this is a decades old problem that’s plagued the Tens for most of their life, so it’s probably not going to be reversed any time soon. But Ten has shown in the past that there can be strength and profits in rating third and that’s something that needs to firm up because at the moment they’re not even doing that.


Would it be fair to say that if Ten want to appeal to potential viewers who currently aren’t watching the network, they need to consider promoting more of their programs (rather than just a few key franchises as the case has been in recent years for the most part) via external advertising?

This is a very good point. I’m not sure if this is the case now, but weren’t Ten actually more profitable than either Seven or Nine in the past?


In the 90s particularly, yes.


And still are! :joy::wink:


Aren’t we overlooking that 10 have reiterated their target solely is key demos and particularly “under 55s network”?

So any talk of network rankings and “3rd” or not is pointless, because your ‘oldies’ help to dominate Total People share.


Um…Pretty sure 10 are third in demos as well, so your point is moot.


Tom, nobody here talks key demo share, as for starters it’s not provided, unless explicitly by Cynic.

Anyway my point was many comments above discussed 10 coming 3rd and the usual share we refer to daily (total people), hence my comment :slightly_smiling_face:


But Ten have never targeted total viewers.


Or worse…


I remember many years ago, 10 and Nine both had Married with Children and Murder She Wrote in their schedules, and both shows rated better on 9. I think 9 may have had the newer series of both but it was also at a time when anything simply rated because it was on 9…back in their heyday when they were No 1.
IIRC, 10 and 9 actually scheduled MwC in the same time slot, something like Tuesday 8.30.


They certainly did it with Murder She Wrote at 8.30 Thursdays for a while. Not sure about MwC


Ten need to be more aggressive and innovative. The Masked Singer has just debuted as the #1 new series of the new US television ratings season and the Fox Network’s highest rated debut since X Factor in 2011. An Aussie version will be expected later this year or early next. Ten should be going after it aggressively and not be afraid to outbid Seven and Nine. Ten let them get sport and can’t afford to sit back and watch big formats head in Seven and Nine’s direction too.


That show looks like absolute sh*t. Worse than Dance Boss, if you ask me.


But Masked Singer translated into ratings (whether one liked it or not), while Dance Boss didn’t.

Wouldn’t mind seeing 10 (or even Seven) pursue this format. Both networks are desperate for a new format that appeals broadly.


no, they didn’t.


They did let Seven and Nine get the sport. Ten could have bid more for the Australian Open. They didn’t. They could have fought more aggressively for cricket and worked with Seven to prevent Foxtel getting the Big Bash. Whether they tried or not, no deals came through so they effectively let their rivals get the advantage.


This. I’m sure the deal would not be criticised as such if 10 and Seven were involved. 10’s schedule would be full to the brim right now if they still had BBL.