Ten Eyewitness News Presenters and Reporters


Congrats to him, I must be the only one who loves him and his weather forecasts, he is one of the reasons I tune in every day. I remember as a kid watching the last bit of him before The Simpsons started.


Sandra really did that extremely well!!


He was fine until Ten restricted him to the studio which, IMO hinders his presenting style.


We all shit on him from time to time but man he’s a fucking legend. He’s honestly my favourite weatherman due to his unique style which never ceases to put a smile on my face. What he said hits the nail on the head, that is he does it for the viewers and tries to lighten up the mood. He’s the only weather person that isn’t really boring or monotone with their presentations - there must be some data about how much his weather racks in ratings wise, there must be a reason he’s still there.

The 25 years at TEN (current presenters) is so far are;
The Queen
Daily Bailey
I think that’s it.


Surviving 25yrs at Ten, with all its chopping and changing’ is equivalent to 50yrs at any other network.


Thursday (02.03.17) - Friday (03.03.17): Josh Holt is on a short break, so Jayde Cotic is presenting the weather in Queensland, until Monday.


Lachlan Kennedy tonight with exclusive interview in first report (at first I thought it was a slow news day but both Ten and Nine had the same lead story about alleged cemetery desecration and it was third story on Seven)


Hugh Riminton presenting in Sydney tonight.


But I thought he was removed from the hosting position :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And probably will be for the next week or so with Sandra off to the South African jungle again for Celebrity.


Sandra Sully is back presenting in Sydney tonight.


What’s happened to Adam Hawse? Scott McKinnon is presenting sport again this weekend, but I swear I saw Hawse file a report mid-week. Is he presenting sport in Sydney ATM?


Stephen Quartermain will return to AFL commentary when the 2017 season starts next week, calling one Saturday afternoon match for Crocmedia’s AFL Nation radio. He will be one of very few news anchors to call a sporting event (if not the first). IIRC Quartermain has not called an AFL match since replacing Mal Walden as anchor of the Melbourne bulletin at the end of 2013.


Nick Butler from TEN Eyewitness News Adelaide presented a Fuchs (Automotive Lubricant company) sports update last night, I can’t quite remember what time but would have been around 9:30 - 10:00pm during Red 2. It appeared to be done from a area of the newsroom with a look similar to TEN Sport when they’re on location for Supercars etc. but did not feature any of the news branding whatsoever.


Thursday (30.03.17): Jayde Cotic presented the weather in Brisbane tonight.


She was in Brisbane as a back-up (has on more than one occasion the last few nights) in case they couldn’t get a link to Josh Holt to present the weather normally which they obviously couldn’t do tonight.


Adam Hawse is once again missing from the Weekend News.


He’s been reporting during the week so he is still on Ten’s books.


Saturday (01.04.17)- Sunday (02.04.17): Josh Holt is presenting the national weather.

It seems he has been replaced with Scott McKinnon which is a shame as I liked Hawse.


Perhaps it was his decision to step away from working weekends, he has a young family so that could have been a motivating reason behind it. I highly doubt they would have dumped his in favour of McKinnon. I’m sure someone on here will probably hit him up on twitter.