Ten Eyewitness News Presenters and Reporters


In today’s Sunday Herald Sun a Ten spokesperson said
Quote- there was no reason to acknowledge Wyatt’s departure from the desk."There was no reason to farewell Candice Wyatt during the bulletin as Candice’s isn’t leaving Ten Eyewitness News First At Five .She remains a senior reporter and will also fill in as a newsreader "
She is now an integral part of our reporting team and is working closely with her fellow reporters and the production desk.


And it is an attitude like that which proves Ten just doesn’t get it. The constant merry-go-round of newsreaders over the past 6 years in Melbourne and Sydney has been a major contributor to Ten News’ downfall. From dumping Kapalos, Walden retiring, Quartermaine being promoted to the news desk, Wyatt joining him and now being dumped in Melbourne; Sully replacing Knight, Woods being sacked, Sully going solo only to be joined by Riminton who is then dumped, in Sydney. That’s an awful lot of change in a role that requires stability. Ten and Seven need to realise they may not care who fronts a bulletin but for many audiences it’s often the most important factor.

A 20 second acknowledgment that Wyatt, Riminton and Kennedy won’t be on the desk come Monday, in their respective markets, but will be bolstering the reporting ranks isn’t that difficult.


Not mentioning it would be understandable if they were trying to keep the change quiet with the hope it would go unnoticed, but the fact they went to the effort of putting out a press release makes it even stranger. Put out a document that the large majority of viewers will never see highlighting the changes that will be supposedly welcomed by viewers and the benefits of the increased reporting team, but then leave it as a surprise for the people that actually watch the bulletin.


Caty Price (former Perth senior sport reporter) filed a report from Melbourne today, about the upcoming T20 International cricket.

Wonder what’s going on there?


Tim Bailey is today celebrating 25 years with Ten.


Just baffling how ten destroyed people’s careers and kept this idiot for 25 years. Imagine the pedigree of the news department if ten hadn’t sacked all that experience over the last 6 years.


The interesting thing is…I thought Tim “Daily” Bailey would’ve celebrated his 25th anniversary at Ten last year. This clip from January 20, 2011 seems to mark 20 years since he joined Ten:

And of course, this is probably Tim Bailey’s finest moment! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There was once where someone threw something at him on a live cross from Easter show. He lost his shit. Was funny af though.


Congrats to Tim! Looking good for 63 too!



Despite numerous news articles stating he is 63, he has denied this. Sandra Sully’s age is also incorrectly reported. She is older unless she graduated from Brisbane High at 14 years of age.


The studio looks so beautiful with those blinds open!



Watching the video, ten are so god damn lucky to have that studio and that setting. To bad the newsroom can’t be used more often


I thought he was 73. Anyway, well done on a great innings!! And here’s to the next 7 years and you’ll still be doing the weather at 80! :clap:


Love him or hate him, you’ve still gotta congratulate Tim Bailey on 25 years with TEN - Not an easy feat to achieve :wink:


I think he is probably the longest-serving weather presenter in Sydney…Or maybe not, Alan Wilkie at Nine did it for longer IIRC (happy to be corrected on that).


If I’m not mistaken, Tim “Daily” Bailey has been presenting the weather on Ten’s Sydney 5pm bulletin since about the mid-90s. In contrast, the Sydney/NSW weather presenters of the ABC (2007, Graham Creed was the replacement for another longtime Sydney/NSW weather presenter Mike Bailey), Nine (2012) and Seven (2016) have all joined within the last decade or so.

As far as current weather presenters are concerned, Tim Bailey is the longest serving in Sydney/NSW by a long shot. Historically, I’m not sure. From the info I can gather, Alan Wilkie presented the weather on Nine here in Sydney for about 25 years (although I think Alan may have been at another Sydney station before joining Nine) until his December 2001 retirement.


As much as I would like to congratulate Mr Bailey for this achievement, I’m certainly not warming to his ‘forecasts’ (Personal opinion only).


Yeah, I’m much the same really.

Congrats to Tim Bailey for reaching the 25 year milestone at Ten (I think him, Sandra Sully and Angela Bishop are the only ones currently in the Sydney newsroom who’ve been at the network for over a quarter of a century), but I’m certainly not much of a fan of his presenting style to say the least…