Ten Eyewitness News Presenters and Reporters


Gosh I remember the days when Charmaine Dragun presented Perth’s news from Sydney. She was a great anchor with so much potential. Still miss her reading Perth’s news (even though Narelda is fantastic). R.I.P Charmaine


God I remember watching her back years ago, but I hadn’t heard what had happened to her until I just did some research. How tragic :frowning:



Charmaine was a fantastic news reader and She was a rising star in my view. She just outshown when she was on screen when she was reading the news. I will never forget the day on her last bulletin either. :frowning: Narelda is great too. but Charmaine… she was fantastic.

There was an Australian Story about her back in 2008, I did have the episode recorded, but it’s long gone now.


Brad McEwan’s stint on 3AW breakfast didn’t last long. Herald Sun’s Jon Anderson is back on board now. I hope Brad will return later this year, maybe during radio non-ratings.


Tonight marks the last night of co-anchor bulletins for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as Hugh Riminton, Candice Wyatt and @lachlan_kennedy return to reporting. Hope we get to see @lachlan_kennedy presenting the news again soon.


Was there any mention of it at the end of the Sydney and Melbourne bulletins?


Nothing mentioned in Melbourne.


Nope not here in Sydney. Hugh was solo.


Farewelling yourself would be rather weird.


It’s goodnight from me and it’s goodnight from him.


Even if Hugh did want to farewell himself, there was no time for banter - Bailey’s forecast ran overtime causing a shorter than usual closer.


Why is it that every time the axe doesn’t fall on Daily Bailey?


Because the Daily Bailey Weather Wall is the forecast where you get it all! How could TEN axe such a competent weather presenter :joy::joy:


No not Tim Bailey, I really like him, and he’s my personal favourite Weather presenter. But I do agree he should be axed from the 5pm bulletin and moved to another bulletin, like late news or a breakfast show where it’s a bit more relaxed. That’s if more bulletins were available.
What about having Tim Bailey on Studio 10 as a weather presenter? @blackbox


Nothing in Queensland either.


They were in the process of moving the broadcast back to Perth with Charmaine presenting but she sadly didn’t make it :pensive:


I now hope to see Candice Wyatt send overseas a lot + headlining major/breaking stories in Melbourne.

She covered Shapelle Corby a few years ago (Quill nominated) & more recently Rio Olympics.

She’s a very good, flawless journalist (especially with live-crosses) who deserves so much more than this!


Much more than what… being a “very good, flawless journalist” out in the field? If that’s her strength then best that she be in that role, surely?


Candice Wyatt is going back to what she does best which is reporting in my opinion.Unlike many others here l was never a fan of her reading news .
I hope Lachlan Kennedy will become Natarsha’s regular fill in on Weekend News bulletins.