Ten Eyewitness News Presenters and Reporters


Kimberley Soekov presenting news this weekend,with Scott MacKinnon presenting sport and Amanda Hart presenting weather.


I’ve personally warmed to Kimberley a lot in the last year or two as a presenter, she’s definitely improved a lot in that time and I think she’s quite good as a stand in weekend presenter.

Also the intro voice over tonight just said This is TEN Eyewitness News with Kimberley Soekov, there was no mention of First At Five.


Agree and I think she would be good as the presenter of a daytime news bulletin if they ever re-launched.


The way it should’ve been kept :confused:


Yeah I miss the 6am news bulletins :frowning: and then 11am ones :frowning: Those were the Ten News Days…


Any respectable news operation should be able to anticipate staffing requirements and balance them with leave requests so that they don’t end up having to go national for two and a half weeks.


because it went live into Perth, adelaide and Brisbane


Interesting. I turned the stream on at 5 (in Qld) and it started playing and my TV guide has it from 5pm also - so it actually went to air at 4pm local time then?


Correct, 4.00pm in Brisbane, 4.30pm in Adelaide and 2pm in Perth.


I had the news at 5 and I am in QLD (north).


BS it was. In SA and QLD they both were at 5pm, while in WA it was at 3pm


Looking at the Ten Guide - the only place that Ten News wasn’t broadcast at 5pm was Perth.



These words are the key point. Ten have been doing the minimal required for how many years now? (The Project being an unexpected success which started as a little extra.)


d’oh… that’s coming up in a few weeks.


Sport reporter Duncan-McKenzie McHarg is leaving Ten News Melbourne to go overseas “indefinitely”.

In unrelated news, he was on 3AW radio this morning, discussing how his Audi car was stolen :open_mouth:


Wow Sandra Sully back behind the desk already. She usually has 6-7 weeks over Christmas.

Edit: Natarsha Belling was also back at work today.


Both Stephen and Candice have returned from holidays in Melbourne tonight


Adelaide team are also all back tonight.


Lachlan Kennedy solo in Queensland with Veronica Eggleton on sport.


Now another one is gone. Alissa Smith is going to Fox Sports News.