Ten Eyewitness News Presenters and Reporters


Sandra was probably just making up for all the days off she had this year,hence the late start to her Christmas holidays!:grin:


Lol. More likely she will be back later in the new year eg mid Feb.


Sydney senior sport journalist Adam Hawse riding the boundary at the SCG for Ten Sport tonight :slight_smile:

I like how they operate.


So what? Run your own race, make a point of difference. Ten’s ratings after their tentpoles using nosedive.


Exactly, but it needs to be LOCAL!


Bingo. Loved the idea of the Late News when it was on Ten, but never ever brought myself around to watching it, because at 10.30 I’m no longer near a TV; I’m using my laptop or gaming console.


Lachlan Kennedy presenting news with Josh Holt presenting weather tonight.


So what was with that rumor about Narelda Jacobs presenting as well?


well there is still 2 weeks to go off the national bulletin. So she still could be presenting the news


Narelda will be in the chair tomorrow! Merry Christmas everyone


Awesome news. Thanks Lachlan! Merry Christmas.


Nice seeing you in HD tonight, great job as always & thanks for stopping by here. Hope you enjoy a well deserved break with your family & loved ones tomorrow.


Merry Christmas @lachlan_kennedy . Appreciate your time on the forum this year.


Veronica Eggleton will be presenting sport:


Narelda, Veronica Eggleton & Josh Holt making up the Christmas Day crew.


Veronica was pretty good today. Hope she presents again soon nationally.

In the wide shot at the start of the bulletin, the plasmas made Narelda look tiny.

Good bulletin for Ten, but comparing it to 9, it’s a bit lacking.


The national bulletins aren’t ideal but at least this year Ten is using main newsreaders from around the country. In the past inexperienced presenters have been used and some struggled.


I’m not sure about everyone else, but I personally find it extremely concerning that Ten has to fly in presenters from interstate (as talented as they may be) to fill in on national bulletins. Surely this has to say something about the lack of resources within Ten’s news department at the moment?

Ten needs to be doing a better job at nurturing and developing future presenting talent for their news bulletins in all markets.


I don’t have an issue with it. It gives them national exposure, it’s cheap and for some allows them to spend time with their Sydney based family.

Many on the east coast would never have seen Narelda before and she is a talent Ten should be giving her as much exposure as possible.

A lot of the Sydney based fill in presenters now have young children and were probably eager to spend the Christmas period with them


I have no problem with utilising presenters from around the country. In fact its a tradition that goes back to the 90’s for Ten - they would occasionally bring up Jennifer Hansen for example, which I thought was neat.

Great to see Narelda go national - I think I requested this a couple of weeks ago on these forums. Careful what you wish for!