Ten Eyewitness News Presenters and Reporters


Monday (19.12.16) - Friday (23.12.16): Lachlan Kennedy is anchoring solo in Brisbane.


Brad McEwan looks really off tonight, had a bad day?

He looks board, long awkward pauses between each cross/ad break, his questions/responses to Ricky Ponting were rather abrupt & he have a harsh back hander to Candice Wyatt (“thanks Candice, nice segue, this is awkward, I’m not really sure what it means”)

Maybe it was after he was told he pointlessly needed to drive to Etihad Stadium to present sport :disappointed:


If I were him, I wouldn’t be overly happy. He produces much of the sports content each day with a tiny team.


What kind of board are we talking, like a wooden one or?


TEN should bring back the “Sports Tonight” integration into their news bulletins. I quite liked it. What did everyone else think ?


I agree. I think they should bring back the late news too. Make late night TV a hell lot more interesting.


I agree with a return for the Late News. It’s a real vacant spot at the moment, especially over summer.


I really don’t understand the call to bring back the late news, it didn’t work last time when they axed it and bought it back… so why should waste more resources?

Ten Late News is dead. Always will be. I don’t see it returning in the near future. Sports Tonight was not that flash either, it got gutted when it went to One back in the day (when One was just a sports channel).


Instead of using their resources on only an under watched 5pm bulletin, how about a 9.30 bulletin that has next to no LOCAL NEWS competition and is a big point of difference?


Part of the reason it didn’t work was because they messed with the format and focused on attracting a younger audience. It needed to be a straight bulletin and build on the loyal viewer base Sully’s version had, which had double the ratings of its reincarnation.

If Ten bring back Late News it needs to be a straight bulletin.

In a side note, what is the go with Hamish MacDonald? Is he still contracted to ABC US? He’s been back in Aus for ages.


They could even utilise Narelda Jacobs and take advantage of Perth’s timezone to broadcast the Late News from Perth. A west coast news would be an interesting initiative.


Hamish recently mentioned something about returning to uni on The Project, so maybe that is why he is back in Australia.


Having a 9.30 mid-evening news is far too restrictive on the schedule. 7.30pm reality that sometimes has 75-90 minute eps followed by one hour program pushed the news to 10pm and any chance of habit forming is lost. Plus you can guarantee that Seven and Nine’s main prime time line ups will not be finished by 9.30pm. So the news will be up against things like Wanted and other 9pm drama on Seven, Habibs, Doctor, Doctor, Seven Year Switch etc.


Jacqui Reed (Melbourne sport journalist) has left Network Ten. She joined in 2011, left a few years later but returned a couple of years ago.

Nice touch to see two sports journos who have been at the network for around 20 years, standing beside her (Brad McEwan & Rob Waters) :+1:


I see why Ten brought the late news to a younger/fresher format. I actually didn’t mind it, especially how the viewers could connect using #eyewitnessnews on Twitter & Facebook. One thing i would change is there was one main presenter (Headlines & top stories along with other news ) Sports presenter (with Sports Tonight). Having three in 2012/13 didn’t work from my perspective. It would be interesting to see what presenter would face the late news if it did return. But i did like the layout if the set in 2013 & 2014…


but, just like breakfast and wake up, they spent too much money on it and expected instant results… go cheap (like news at 5) and grow.

give us the first few stories from the five bulletins, repackaged with new info if needed… throw in some sport and weather and you’re done.


I don’t. Few young people get their news from commercial tv nor do they sit through political interviews.


I’d like this. I always miss the 5/6PM news bulletins during the week throughout uni because priorities :stuck_out_tongue: . Keep it simple as you said and I’m sure it would please people.


who cares if you get 300,000 or 250,000 viewers… you can add them to your 5pm figure and suddenly get 700,000+ eye balls on your product (that you only had to produce once…)

you wouldn’t even need to have full time staff (beyond presenters and producers) … utilise the news at 5 resources as needed with overtime. Then, if you feel it’s working and you want to include NRL judiciary and AFL tribunal results (like sports tonight of old) add in a journo, cammo and editor in Sydney & Melbourne to the staff. They could also write some reader voiced stories.


Natarsha presenting in Sydney tonight. Sandra is finally on holidays. That would probably be the latest in the year Sandra has worked in decades.