Ten Eyewitness News Presenters and Reporters


I was watching videos of Ten News from about 2005-2007 and came across videos of the late Charmaine Dragun, who died 9 years ago yesterday. Dragun was such a calm, collected newsreader who is missed to this day. If only Ten Eyewitness News were as strong as it was back in those days.


What did she say?


@LukeMovieMan instead of liking the post, it was actually a question. What did she say that indicated she hadn’t “forgiven” Channel 10?


I think that’s a win for TVAU! LMM’s speechless.


Amanda Hart has presented the weekend weather since last weekend.


Lachlan solo in Brisbane tonight, Kristina Costalos presenting weather.


Tuesday (08.11.16): Lachlan Kennedy solo again tonight.Josh Holt back on weather tonight.


Andrew Denny has been busy of late… normally senior crime reporter in Sydney, he’s been in Bali for the murder trial and now is in New Zealand covering the earthquake.

Ten has been sending more reporters overseas of late. I still think it needs ramping up but it’s a start.


Live look in Brisbane tonight with Andrew over in NZ covering the earthquakes


Just out of curiosity, has Ten recruited more reporters in the last 6 months?


no. unless there have been a few replacing departing employees… certainly no new positions.


Actually they advertised for new reporters to join them from July


as freelancers. no new positions


not when i applied, they were full time positions


Josh Holt is presenting weather this weekend,Amanda Hart according to her lnstagram is getting married very soon so she will be away for a little while.


Phoebe Bowden has been awarded Young Journalist of the Year and Scoop of the Year at the 2016 South Australian Press Club Awards, for her story on the breaching of Cy Walsh’s medical records.

Cameramen Matt Bonser and Ray Ward also won Best Camera News Footage for their work on the Pinery Fires.


Lachlan presented the early arvo Sydney updates and Josh was in Sydney for weather duties on the national bulletins over the weekend… hmm.


Did I hear Natasha Exelby doing the schoolies gold coast report tonight? :open_mouth:


Jayde Cotic did the report for Ten’s Queensland bulletin.


Thank you.

I since found out however it was someone Munro?