Ten Eyewitness News Content and Appearance


Mega Montage of tonight’s Ten Eyewitness News: First At Five Sydney…

Not included in the clip, a cross to Fox League during Sport which surprisingly was in native HD:


Yes I noticed the cross was in HD. Well the cross promotion with fox continues unabated. Shame the doesn’t have the rights to any of the decent sports on fox. Just the shitty ones like rugby and super cars


Brisbane Tonight


Another weekend of no news in Melbourne & Sydney tonight.


Haven’t you realized that during sports weekends there’s nothing happening in the world to report to Sydney and Melbourne viewers.

Only on these weekends… ten should just do a 6pm bulletin for half an hour. Not every weekend just for the few times a year. So before everyone howls down that it doesn’t rate… it’s better than nothing at all and it’s not like what they have in that slot actually rates anyway.

Alternatively they national bulletin they produce for Brisbane etc could air on one or something in Sydney and Melbourne




Would’ve liked to see that in Sydney, oh wait, Sport was on :grimacing:


Ten should air the bulletin in Sydney and Melbourne on Eleven or One, or simply upload the bulletin to tenplay.


Ten officialy has a 2nd bulletin on I’m a Celebrity Tonight! The closest we’ll get to Late News again!


Most promotion the news has got in months.


Tens poor news gathering continues with it sourcing WA election footage from nine and the abc. This mob have no idea. It looks really bad on air not to have your own footage.


When watching Ten Eyewitness News right now, yea it’s a bad look for Ten to outsource from other networks. Isn’t that the point of having their own News service, to report it with their own resources and journalism efforts? :roll_eyes:


It seems that there was a lack of pooling arrangements if Ten had to source some footage from the off air feeds.

I quite enjoyed Brisbane’s coverage of the QLD election, a movie interspersed by updates from state political reporter Tegan George. They covered both leaders speeches and provided updates every thirty minutes… what did Perth do?


Pack up and go home.

Just compared their story to those of 7 and 9. How embarrassing.

Too strapped for cash to get a cameraman to do a bit of overtime or hire a freelancer to cover arguably one of the biggest stories of the year for Western Australia, rather it is now acceptable to just set record on ABC, 7 and 9 and let them do all the work for you.


Got to watch Ten News Melbourne for the first time in ages because of the public holiday today - first story…



I guess “dge” is the noise the car made when it landed there.


Josh’s afternoon update


Based on the recent mumbrella article detailing Ten’s dire financial situation - and limited time and options - i think the writing is on the wall for Ten’s local news at 5

They are currently doing another internal audit. I suspect within a few months we Will hear that Ten is going to national News at 5

I just don’t think it’s viable to operate 5 full newsrooms to produce one hour of content a day outside of prime time

If these newsrooms produced more
Content a 4pm bulletin or a 6pm or 9pm bulletin. - more content to average the operating costs over - it would be viable. But it it’s current format - I don’t see it lasting

I’m calling Ten national News at 5 within 6 months


I read that article just now and didn’t realize that the situation financially was that particular bad.

I don’t agree however with your prediction that Ten would axe all 5 state bulletins of a National bulletin permanently.


Sandra presentered infront of the TV wall on the night of the London Attack. Always good when they present infront of the wall. They should maybe try starting the first story like that