Ten Eyewitness News Content and Appearance


Adelaide News Opener from Thursday evening:


God that set is hideous. It looks like a dungeon!
They have a stunning atrium newsroom and that hideous brown framed set is just such a drag. The only time it looks good is in wideshots… because you see the newsroom!
Change it!


Interesting how the voice over doesn’t say “First at Five”. Is this normal in Adelaide?


Just did a bit of digging around and noticed that last year they did use the first at five voiceover but haven’t this year. The opening titlecard this year also doesn’t the words in it, while it did last year… interesting.


The brown is awful.


I’m quietly hoping they’re using the time develop the
platform so that it could actually compete with nine.com.au or yahoo7 for example.

A bit of searching on domain registry shows that Bulletproof, the CMS/cloud providers for tenplay registered the domain tendaily.com.au (not redirected) in early November last year however the domain tendaily.com currently redirects back to the tenplay.com.au website.

Currently on social media, the following pages seem to have already been secured:

www.facebook.com/tendaily - Description reads “Your news and entertainment destination” and has the .au website URL listed also.
Twitter - @tendaily
Instagram - @tendailyau

I would’ve thought more information would’ve been teased by the network by now.


It’s good they are taking the time, but maybe we won’t see it until mid year or possibly later?


I remember on Ten Eyewitness News Brisbane a couple years back (Early 2015) they didn’t use the FAF VO for a while on and off.


I’ve noticed recently that Eyewitness News Melbourne has been using some new angles.
Capped off Twitter from tonight:


Watermark looks strange with the 9 mic in shot


Different opening shot used in Adelaide during the opener.


TEN vision. TEN’s mic was on top of the camera - out of shot - I’m pretty sure one of the VJs filmed it.


I’m really loving Ten News since the change, Hugh Rimintons reports add another degree of professionalism. And loving Sandra Sully by herself, we get to see more personality. BTW, her fashion choices are very top notch.

Can I say Ten’s bulletin is far superior then 7s and 9s?


No…good no.


I seem to think the one bulletin Ten produces is far more informative and relevant then what 7 and 9 dish up. I also think ten has the best graphics, set and presenters. I guess that’s just me


Marginally better but won’t be as good until there’s more live crosses, a US and U.K. Correspondent and they source their own footage so it doesn’t look like it’s cheap and nasty. Still a second rate news service when it comes to big news coverage and I also think they need more depth in Canberra.


I feel that there is a lack in Canberra for ten but I wouldn’t want to see that much more than 7 or 9 even that can be more than enough. Sky news pretty much has politics covered on there main news channel -.-


Nice to see Ten use the plasma wall, tonight --granted, it was part of a prerecorded package and was only done because Hugh isn’t in Washington – but still, it’s better than a green screen :laughing:


Sydney is no longer a doubleheader so the lack of chemistry is no longer an issue & the bulletin IMO is an awful lot better without the awkward banter.
Chris Bath & Sandra would have been doubleheader gold.


I didn’t see that, but it does look great when they use the wall. It would be great if they could use it a few times throughout the bulletin.