Ten Eyewitness News Content and Appearance


Something interesting I just noticed is that in those promos they shot late last year, they had the windows open.


Wow really interesting, I never noticed. I would really like to see the blinds open, but feel it wouldn’t be right with the current set.


did anyone else notice any issues in Sydney tonight?


Yep they didn’t run the headlines. I’m uploading the opener now.


A few audio issues on my end, had to insert audio. Also Sandra mentioned it’s Mrs Bailey’s birthday!


Copying Nine News regional? :stuck_out_tongue:


what a sausage fest


Sandra suits solo reading. She’s just the queen of it and feels so comfortable.

Could we have a national edition with Sandra? Perhaps make 5pm national and do a local late news :wink:


As much as I liked Georgina and Lachlan and think they worked well together, I couldn’t help thinking how much I enjoyed seeing Georgie presenting solo.

I’ve gotta say also, Lachlans quality reporting has really added something to the bulletin which has been lacking of late - even though I think (may be a little biased) that Brisbane has come of the best reporters that TEN currently has.


major server issues my source says, but as you can see… ten managed a rather polished bulletin even in spite of all the problems.


Agreed. Sandra rocks it solo.


On Ten News tonight

But over on Seven, covered in watermark.


Hehe, you’d think Seven had got some sort of exclusive vision, but no ‘exclusive’ slapped anywhere, so why the watermark nonsense?


Can’t work it out - there was a Nine camera pointed into the car from the driver side window.


Maybe you answered your own question?


Candice Wyatt has now updated her Twitter to Former co-anchor Ten News,Melb


Bitter much?


Comes across that way.

I have preferred the solo presenter in Sydney this week. No more awkwardness.


I agree. Matt has finally came out of his shell more… Sandra seems much more happy.


So I’ve been digging around for information about Ten’s new platform TENDAILY, and haven’t really found anything. Perhaps not happening anymore?

Anyways, I read the press release form November last year, and it described TENDAILY, and by the looks of it, it is focused on short-content. And it says “exclusive and premium short-form news”. So I want to bring up the discussion about what we think these “shorts” might be? I’m not quite sure if this is an expansion to the Eyewitness news brand or not?

Here is the link for reference: https://images.tenplay.com.au/~/media/Corporate%20Site%20Media/Files/Media%20Releases/2016/Network%20Tens%20Growth%20Story%20To%20Continue%20%202017%20Content%20And%20Delivery%20Plans%20Announced.pdf