Ten Eyewitness News Content and Appearance


Found this recently on YouTube. Can’t even imagine how Ten would cover such a disaster if it occurred in NSW now. A live cross to a chopper, big name reporters on the ground filling live crosses and no “Courtesy of 7/9” graphic. All you can say is good luck Ten.


How long did Ten Sydney still have a separate news chopper for?! Obviously they wouldn’t have it now.

Also knowing that 1994 was the year Damian Ryan moved to Nine (where he’s been ever since), I wonder if the Willoughby newsroom were particularly impressed by his reporting/coverage of the bushfires for Ten?


TEN grounded the choppers back in 2013 I think it was. The decision was announced just after the crash of VH-ZMN, Perth’s chopper, that the contracts would not be renewed. (Perth had just resigned a few weeks before the crash and were the last to see the chopper go…)


Do you know if each state roughly still had one each up until this point?


the contracts weren’t renewed with each state’s operator. I think the sequence went Melbourne (late 2012??), Sydney (early 2013), Adelaide and Brisbane (mid 2013), Perth (late 2013.)


Not sure why they wouldn’t go in with Seven and Nine in the chopper pool arrangement. Instead they steal footage and often it looks cheap and nasty. Pathetic.


I miss the days when TEN was the No.1 news service in Sydney Melbourne (in the early to mid 80s). And who could forget that classic advertisement by David Johnston and Jana Wendt which showed the best of these presenters (Brisbane and Sydney also had one by Brian Cahill/Des McWilliam and John Bailey/Katrina Lee respectively IIRC)? If only their bulletins are just as good as it was back in the good old days of ‘Eyewitness News’.

BTW @SydneyCityTV, I know this little success isn’t really big, but during the early 80s Ron Wilson/Tim Webster and Katrina Lee/Ann Sanders did win ratings against Hendo and Climpson, as did Melbourne when David and Jana was competing against Brian Naylor and Mal Walden. So you see, the double-header idea has contributed to some, if little, successes in Sydney and Melbourne news.


they want to be stupid and place the chopper feeds live on facebook, why would ten bother? they don’t even need to credit them because once it’s online it’s in the public domain, but they do anyway.


I actually would say that the success of Ten Eyewitness News during the 1980’s would have also been contributed to their news beginning at 6pm whereas Seven and Nine at the time started their news at 6.30.

And even once Seven and Nine did move their news to 6, it took viewers a couple of years (and a couple of departures/changes at Ten) for them to tune out of Ten News. Then of course Ten got the jump on the others by starting at 5, which in 25 years has been both a success and a failure. But that’s another story.


The word credibility springs to mind.


A little game show called Perfect Match also helped them during the 80’s.


they’re not the only ones who do it. they also wont be the last. I’m sorry, you just wont get me to agree to your point.


Gritty reboot? (Yes, I know the agro version happened).


Slight issue just then with the Queensland bulletin with Josh doing a weather update before leading into the break and towards the end the camera cut back to the presenters before he had finished speaking.

Georgie & Lachlan acknowledged a technical error, read the coming up headlines and went to a break a little early.


Now with the new change on Monday, I definitely think it’s a step in the right direction, (well Sydney anyway, as Hugh and Sandra never worked) but ten has ultimately got rid of its only point of difference to 7 and 9. I don’t really think it means much, but I thought I’d point it out.

I really do hope, on Monday we do see more modifications, and certainly a shift amungst the news department focusing on the idea of “Here what makes us stand out from the rest” and incomporate this into promos as 5pm is it’s only bulletin. We know what ten is capable of, especially with the presenter promos from late last year, which were very good, but didn’t hit rotation enough.


Hugh will just be voicing stories about trump from the Sydney newsroom like he’s been doing a lot of lately. That’s their expanded coverage!!! Honestly they really aren’t moving forward much at all.


He will be covering most political stories, his knowledge and understanding won’t bring a lot, but will be better then what they already have


Brisbane tonight. Last day of dual presentation.

Technical problem @ 7:28


I’m devastated most that @lachlan_kennedy will be departing the presenting role in Queensland. Him and Georgina just got on so well on screen :frowning:


If you were to compare the Ten News Sydney of 2007 with the Ten Eyewitness News: First At Five Sydney of 2017, I think you’d be utterly depressed at just how many senior presenters/reporters have left since.

I mean, Ten’s news service in the Sydney market has never been quite at Seven/Nine levels for decades but at least in the 1990s and (most of) the 2000s there was a fairly decent quality 5pm bulletin being made. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that you can say the same thing about the resource starved product that airs at 5pm these days.