Ten Eyewitness News Content and Appearance


This! Break the mould. Maybe not a full bulletin, but FB Live is where it’s at.


And Ten have to be reminded that they were the first to do the news at 6, the first to do hour-long news and the first to do news at five. Ten aren’t like the other networks and their programming should reflect that.


Facebook Live has tiny audiences.

Even when 7 News Sydney goes live it’s lucky to have 500 viewers and it has 1million followers

Ten’s national and local Facebook pages have under 500k followers

You’re looking at broadcasting a bulletin to under 1000 people Nationally


It wouldn’t be solely geared towards FB Live, but rather part of the a new tapestry, a new focus. You’ll never get more than 1k live, but its there and you’re in the game.


Do we know when Ten daily is launching, haven’t heard much about it. Probably one of those things that will never happen.

They can only try, but it wouldn’t be a formal bulletin. It could maybe be like a BTN type thing, where it’s more to engage the younger demographics but also watchable to anyone else


Linear drops every year, Facebook and social builds every year. Why not try and hit the person watching Netflix on their laptop at that time of night.


You can do both, but they really need a primetime bulletin.


I still don’t get why people care about this. Why waste money and resources on obtaining footage when it could instead be used on finding, gathering and developing stories that matter through produces and journalists?

I doubt the average viewer cares enough about a small black box at the top of their screen for a few seconds every now and then to have it cause even the slightest impact on perception or viewership.


It’s ridiculous to think that a major network would source news from their rivals. They don’t pay for it. Seven and nine share Chopper rescourcss ten could get in on that. But no they take the footage and just source it on screen.
It’s cheap and nasty and people can tell it detracts from the quality of the news. I cringe every time I see it.


Studio 10 finishes at 11…


really? I don’t know anyone who has noticed where the vision comes from. AFAIC if seven and nine want to put the footage on the web it’s fair game.


expand slowly. launch a 30 minute morning bulletin at 11, with a few extra resources that can work on the 5pm if needed.

after 3 or 6 months, shift the crews to an early start and give us back those awesome 4x 15 minute bulletins, this time from 7am. then give studio 10 an extra half hour.


why? so few viewers in dayside. Studio 10 is doing well, local late news @ 9.30.


Local late night news at 9.30pm…in a country where many go to bed around 9.30pm while those who don’t generally go for other media options?

Not going to happen.


We have mock schedule topics especially for this type of discussion and yet it’s a never ending cycle in the Eyewitness News / Studio 10 threads where we continually end up off topic about what we all think TEN should be doing in regards to news related programming. It’s pretty evident that they won’t be doing any of this in the near future (at least) given the state of the network & current focus by management.


I don’t buy this argument - at all. We previously had high rating content at 9.30 but networks gave up on the timeslot. Local news rates, if it was given a proper go using the same anchors as 5pm, I think it would do better than 5pm news in long term.


I agree that there is an opportunity but I don’t agree that Ten would be able to make it work without first fixing their 8:30pm problem. You won’t get people actively switching their TVs on at 9:30 or 10pm in the current environment but you might stand a chance at making it work if you can feed it with 800k+ viewers in the slot before (which is a figure that Ten can barely manage at 7:30pm for most of the year let alone 8:30/9pm).



I don’t buy that argument at all. I agree it’s not gonna happen. As Ten and Aussi networks have given up on “late” news

But US and Canadian stations all offer live local news at 11 - and in markets with considerably less viewers than Australia’s main markets.

The US market is considerably more fractured than the Australian market. Massively more so in fact.

In a market the size of Adelaide in the US, there would
Be half the audience watching at 11 as 930 in Australia

The same can be said for large markets like Melbourne and small markets like Tasmania

Ten would spend a fortune programming and promoting 5 various 930 shows across the week. None of which perform or resonates. It’s not cost effective programming.

Ten always Zigs when the others zag

Time for Local news at 930 and offer a strong point of difference.


@MVP There are more people watching TV at 930pm than 5am, 11am, 3pm and 4pm - all which have news.

It’s not expensive at all - that’s why the stations are all adding local news all over the place. 7am, 8am, 11am, 4pm… each hour you ad of local news - the costs of running your news department are amortized.

It’s much cheaper programing than acquiring US scripted fare. And requires a much smaller ongoing marketing budget to support.


Who are all these weirdos going to sleep at 9pm? I think you’ll find they are watching catch up, YouTube or Netflix after the reality tentpoles, not just going to sleep like grandmas.