Ten Eyewitness News Content and Appearance


This one from @SydneyCityTV https://youtu.be/1IlNBVmOtMA


For me, I think Ten News needs to be less polished.

Yep, less. But hear me out, design-boys!

I think there is way to much gloss and polish and wide angles and over large graphics with lens flares.

There needs to be a new connection with the viewer, and rawness. Closeup shots, unscripted banter, newsroom updates - direct from the newsroom.

This may be a very old VHS clip and its very 80s, but it shows a rawness, a dynamic, a more direct closeness to the actual news, that I think is missing from today.

and I think we all agree more bulletins, including their iconic late and mid-morning news

If this was on the the hour, all day every day, you would slowly chip away at the viewer. If Ten ever wants to rebuild, it needs to re-establish a connection. This is also an ideal format to push to your social media.

But who says they want to.


Don’t give them these ideas. They’ll look at it as a way to slash more money from the news budget. It wouldn’t surprise me if they broke out the old typewriters and had the journos use them instead of computers to save on electricity costs.


I can see some merit in a morning bulletin at 11.30am. The strategy would have to be to keep the Studio 10 audience watching the network. However, I can’t see anyone who watched The Morning Show or Today Extra switching to Ten’s bulletin ahead of the morning news on the respective networks. But it might stop some channel surfing at the end of Studio 10 where fans have just watched an Australian panel show and may not be in the mood for more from The Talk. I wouldn’t agree with a 11.00am bulletin as Studio 10 seems to doing well.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

How about getting the 5pm bulletin(s) up to scratch before we even think about additional national bulletins?



I fear this can’t happen without more content or output. If they invest to even slightly improve the 5pm hour wouldn’t that equate with increasing output so they can get value for money.

What would improve the 5pm bulletin?
One crew more per state
A US and Europe presence permanently
The abi.ity to source their own footage without relying on seven or nine


The 5pm bulletin looks fine right now, it’s just not enough people are watching. They need more eyes on their product, they need a bulletin later in the evening.


Im not sure what you mean, but a 11.00am (30 mins) national bulletin does makes sense. Keep it away from Nine and Seven’s 11.30am news servises.

The new national bulletin would also help support TEN News on its other media platforms throughout the day (Ten Play/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and so on)

Observably if Ten were to do this, more people/staff would need to be recruited in all news rooms.


Why would Ten reduce the length of Studio 10? - seems to be doing well, ratings are improving and its making money for the network.


There’s no point adding a bulletin at 11am. TV viewership at that time of the low hits a low.

Mornings and afternoons are high. Mid morning and lunch is not.

They would be best to add news at 9.30. I’m primetime. Higher viewership.There is no commercial news service after 6-7pm. Point of difference programming. And all they have there now is a revolving door of US dramas that need constant promoting and rate under 300k and cost a fortune.


I completely agree with that. I’d also add…

*Local weekend news.
*Not going national on days that Seven and Nine stay local.
*Even airing a news bulletin on days that there’s major sporting events on.
*Hiring a Sydney weather presenter who actually talks about the weather!
*Make a decent effort to promote the news service. Seven and Nine regularly promote their 5pm programs during primetime, so Ten should too.

And yes, I would actually even say a full relaunch of the On-Air Presentation since Nine News’ newer graphics & set aren’t exactly dissimilar to what Ten Eyewitness News has been using for some time now.

Of course some of this stuff isn’t likely to happen anytime soon (although IMO, it’s absolutely essential before additional bulletins can even be considered) but one can dream, right?


But it wouldn’t be, as Studio 10 finishes at 11.00am?


But not always - it seems to often extend to later, even to midday on some days.


Midday finish has been for special events (Australia Day, Golden Globes, SAG Awards etc). I personally think Studio 10 should be 8.30-12pm permanently and a lunchtime news bulletin at 12pm.


Ten needs to be forward thinking.

Forget a new bulletin on linear TV (especially during day time)…that’s not where the youngest part of Ten’s demo is. Do a 9pm nightly 20-min to half hour bulletin on Facebook Live. Sell ads but do it differently (1x 30 seconder then back to the news). Have the hosts a bit more relaxed as and when appropriate. I’m not sure whether you would do it locally or nationally but start it at the same time each night (a luxury you can’t have on linear TV). Chop up the relevant segments and have them up on Facebook for viewing. The numbers might be low to begin with (and people will be able to see just how many on screen) but become the first in the space and it might just work.


then you would upset the Dr Phil fans.


just put them all in a public phone booth and lock the door.


so move the show to another timeslot


No one’s touching Dr Phil, but I think a 9:30 bulletin is definitely needed as no one else has one, and a lot of news stories do break after 7pm.