Ten Eyewitness News Content and Appearance


Special backdrop and picture tonight in Perth, regarding the Australia Day tragedy yesterday.


I’ve mentioned this several times before, but something that can be easily and quickly fixed are the type and style of stories published on their website and social media accounts- they manage to miss major news and events or under cover it yet still pick up on (and often simply republish) stories like this:

And this doozy which seems like nothing more than undisclosed sponsorship:

Come on guys, you aren’t the Daily Mail or an infomercial network so why not bring your online presence up to the standard of your broadcast?


Ten Eyewitness News Sydney - From Wednesday night:


Anyway, I would imagine they will stop playing the Hugh Riminton variant of the Ten Eyewitness News promo very soon, that’s if they have made the effort to still play them?


I think those promos only ever went to air a couple of times in October last year…


I don’t like how the sports presenter co-anchors in the closer when the bulletin is solo. Actually the only TENFAF sign-offs I like are in Queensland and Adelaide.


Ten News social media is diabolical


I agree. It’s irritating. Hopefully it will return to solo sign offs again… and also I don’t like the " WIN viewers stand by for your local news "


I believe they actually say “Regional viewers, stand by for your local news” in the closer even though it’s irrelevant to somewhere between two thirds and three quarters of NSW residents!


They also need to return to a long closer, as I love the ten news theme.

Does anyone remember the promo for ten news Sydney, it was Jess Rowe and Ron Wilson, it was something like “put you in the picture”? Something like that, to me they were always good


This is probably the promo you’re referring to. From 1999 and another one of @zampakid’s awesome uploads! :slight_smile:


I still love that 80s ad featuring David Johnston and Jana Wendt. Man that coordination was great!

If Sandra and Hugh did this ad though, I can’t imagine how it turns out…


Back in the good old days.

Jess was a gun newsreader back then.


Man, they were the best. I would actually love to see a reworked version of that, it’s something different and would make news fun, but with Hugh leaving…

They really should bring her back, but I don’t know if she would be the same, maybe


I’m not sure she could be taken seriously as a newsreader these days


Unfortunately that’s true, what a shame


Maybe Sarah Harris??


why not simply Natarsha?


She’s more cutout for breakfast TV, maybe Mornings with Sarah?[quote=“Awabakal, post:1598, topic:61, full:true”]
why not simply Natarsha?
Would like to see more of her on the network


I did quite like her presenting Nine News before she moved to Ten though, she could be utilised more if Sandra was away.