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The leading rumour is Microsoft will begin to release Xbox Exclusive titles onto other platforms


As a PS5 owner, this does make me quite excited, but there does seem to be a fair amount of discussion on social media about this being the beginning of the end for Xbox.

I think it may end up being a successful business decision on their behalf, as they could make more revenue releasing their titles on other platforms. Sony has/still does release some of it’s PS4/5 exclusives catalogue on PC, and it has (according to a leak) been doing very well sales-wise.

Of course, there will be debate about possibly losing ‘exclusiveness’ of some franchises (like Halo), but these franchises could see a player/revenue boost from other platforms.

If they are going to put their 1st party titles onto PlayStation than what really is the point to there being an Xbox console? The only reason to buy one is if you are heavily invested in those franchises though this applies to every console’s first party titles. I have seen people speculate this could be akin to what Sega did in 2002 when they decided to pull out of the hardware business and just become a 3rd party developer.

It’s not been a good decade for Xbox ever since the botched launch of the Xbox One and the poor marketing of it in 2013 where Microsoft had to backflip on pretty much everything they announced at its launch event within 2-weeks. After that they lost the trust of a lot of people who pretty much from that point on went with Sony and likely never looked back.

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I doubt it will be the end for Xbox…


I assume they won’t release all their 1st party titles, and releases of newer 1st party games would be delayed between their original Xbox release and their PS5/Switch.

This may give some reason to own an Xbox console, even though supposedly PS5 has outsold Xbox Series X/S twofold.

Agree here, it has permanently damaged their reputation that not even the X/S (or anything) could fix.

I can see them doing this eventually, but not for a good while.

I have been using Optus prepaid service for the past 25 years or so, for my mobile calls and internet.

Yesterday afternoon, I received a SMS text from Optus saying it would be making changes to its prepaid plan. It is planning to move my account to a new Flex Plus Casual recharge plan.

Has anyone else got a similar message from Optus recently on this?


It wouldn’t Suprise if they did stop making the consoles (new modles) and only that, but they would still have everything else. It is becoming more of a cloud gaming business so eventually the consols won’t really be needed.

I think it’s also their heavy support and parity of last gen too.
All the Sony fans I know upgraded to a ps5 straight away, but I only know one Xbox fan that upgraded to a Series S. The rest are still on Xbox One.

I guess that’s assuming consumers have a Smart TV with a Microsoft gaming app and customers subscribe to various games.

But if they don’t, they might just need a small HDMI dongle (like a Chromecast) or something like that to connect to a gaming server?

And I suspect you won’t be able to buy games, you’ll have to rent them instead?

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Well, If Microsoft starts focusing more on gaming pc’s and accessories (They already do this) then then they should still be able to sell games that would stored on an external HDD. It’s all speculation at this point it’s really up to them as to how they want to do it.

Yeah I know, but I think it’s interesting.

I would have thought they’d make more money out of selling consoles and games than just offering subscriptions and accessories. I reckon some people will get bored with some games quickly and stop subscribing to those ones.

If they go down the subscription model, they’d probably have to sell them in packages so you can’t just rent individual games (a bit like FOXTEL with it’s sport pack etc).

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Well, they technically would still keep doing making gaming devices so its not going to stop. Its most likely just in the form of Gaming PCs and accessories. If anything, It would be better because a gaming PC can be alerted and modified. Compared to a console that is a nightmare just to open the case if you need to clean it.

They already have one. From what I recall There two levels. But at the moment the first one only lets you play online (unlimited) the next one up also gives you game pass. There is also EA game pass but I think this is included in the price.

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And you can do so many other things on a PC too… I love them.

Though the only $$$ Microsoft usually get from them are for the Windows software, as most gamers would generally go for custom builds with Intel/AMD chips, Kingston RAM, WD HDDs etc. I doubt many would go for a Microsoft branded gaming PC. They don’t have the brand cache of Apple and are not the ‘walled garden’ that iOS is.

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Yeah. Tbh, I really wanted to go to a gaming pc rather then get the series x but don’t have the space for it. So I would go to a PC tomorrow if I could.

I’m not to sure how it would work. Microsoft only have the Surface series at the moment, which is only laptops, 2 in 1’s touch screen devices and all in one. They don’t make a gaming pc at the moment.


As was highly expected Microsoft announced it would begin to release Xbox exclusive titles onto PS5 and Nintendo Switch

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