Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation

I’m suggesting that most of the talent wouldn’t be on Network contracts or anything like that.

The Ex-PM is Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder.

She stated in the TV Tonight article she’d jump at the chance to do it again:

“Keller admits she would jump at the chance to represent the Baby Boomers again.
“In a heartbeat if I was asked! But I don’t think it’s on Network TEN!” she declared”

Suggesting that she’s contracted exclusively to TEN?

As its Nine, I would imagine the show will be produced out of Sydney?

The show was previously based at Docklands Studios Melbourne.

Micallef Tonight was filmed at GTV in Richmond; given that Shaun is based in Melbourne, would make sense to film at Docklands Studios

Expect Hamish and Andy, Dave Hughes, Karl/Lisa, Ben Fordham - the usual staples

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Not exactly a bad thing IMO

Hope it has the same theme song intro.

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Tickets here:

New Logo on there too

They’ll never top this promo though


It will be taped at Docklands Studios like the Ten version. Only 8 episodes have been scheduled, could it be shown by the end of this year?

To be fair, what does that even mean?

I thought ‘Seven - Melbourne centric’ & ‘Nine - Sydney centric’ were just silly sayings?

Seven, Nine & Ten all have productions based in both Melbourne and Sydney. Same with talent (fairly even, David Knox discussed it not long ago).

That’s what I’m surprised at. Did anything ever come out as to why the show was axed? It’s the only show I’ve heard of which was renewed for another season and then axed the next day without a farewell! The only thing I can remember from that episode was him phoning in and complaining about his own show but that wasn’t that bad. I miss his high horse but that’s for another topic.

As far as I’m aware, it was this segment making fun of Alan Jones’ commentaries on Today which got Micallef Tonight axed back in 2003. Probably a decision made by Kerry Packer/Sydney management to axe the show.

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I can remember the Gone with the Wind themed finale where Shaun thanked loyal viewers for the past four years. Young me believed (correctly) without any news reports that the wording of his short monologue at the end indicated the complete end of the show.

That’s right! Forgot about that one, that was great. Some of his earlier stuff from Micallef P®ogram(me) probably wouldn’t be allowed on TV these days either because of complaints.

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That Alan Jones segment reminded me of the ACA dancer segment that I happened across on YT. Would love to see her return to present the endgame envelope in an episode!

How prophetic is 1:21?

But my favourite would have to be the segment on Dick Smith vs Arnotts in 2003


Rumours suggest that team Baby Boomers are out and that Generation Z along with X and Y are in for the new series on Nine.

A contentious issue since it has been considered Generation X was born 1960s to early 1980s but for some reason it has been decided that the next generations range over a shorter period.

Generation Y ends in the 1990s and Generation Z in the 2000s? I feel like Generation X will smash those generations about general knowledge yet again.

Strange they using so many ABC personalities for a channel 9 show. I also wonder if all the celebs/comedians from channel 10 panel shows have been advised not to go on it if they want to keep their gigs?

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