Survivor (US)

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Which is annoying as it takes airtime away from current contestants in the game. I hope this twist wasn’t designed to increase Joe’s chances and I hope the way that the contestants come back into the game isn’t a typical challenge either that could favour certain people. Needs to be something different IMO.

Really? I thought quite the opposite. DvG was a rare season where most cast members got a considerable amount of airtime and there was barely anyone invisible, so I had no idea where it was going. There were a lot of neat editing tricks we haven’t seen in years either. The combination of editing and cast is why are lot of superfans regard it as one of the better seasons.

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I’m disappointed that it’s only a 1 hour premiere. Last season the 90 minute premiere was done so well that I felt like I knew most of the contestants by the end of the first couple of episodes. I guess it’s easier with 4 returnee’s meaning only 14 new castmates to get to know.

The thing I’m most looking forward to this season is the return of Wentworth. One of my all time faves, that’s for sure.




It seems like a good cast, hopefully similar to last season.



Jeff Probst asking US viewers what they think about having 2 hour episodes.



The tweet is Jeff responding to comments from a lot of fans being disappointed that the Edge of Extinction premiere was only an hour and felt rushed, jamming a lot into one episode. This is compared to last seasons David vs. Goliath premiere being 90minutes and was praised by viewers.

In my opinion there would only be a need for longer episodes at certain points… such as the premiere and the merge would be good to have a longer episode too. That seems to be what fans are saying on his tweet as well. I would prefer 90 mins over 2 hours. 2 hours is too much except for a finale but 90 mins at a couple of points would be great.



So far I’m enjoying this season much more than I thought I would. Last night’s Kelley edit reminded me of Parvati in Heroes vs Villains in the sense that they constantly try to make it look like she’s a threat and needs to get yet barely ends up getting a vote at Tribal. So I’m starting to get the feeling Kelley is going to make it far. Even that girl that found the Idol compared mentioned Kelley and Parvati being her Survivor queens and they showed some flashbacks to Kelley in he previous season. None of the other returnee’s have had that.

What I didn’t like was the episode ending on a cliffhanger not knowing if Keith went to Extinction or not. I think they should always show us.



Yeah they should always show us. But they probably couldn’t resist showing how indecisive Keith was - it really was a bit silly.



There is a double episode of Survivor this week Thursday 21st March



Why a double? I don’t think I can ever recall a double episode this early in the game. They sometimes do it around the merge or post merge. Maybe the one sided season continues in the next ep so they want to rush towards the merge. I’m so over Kelly’s tribe always losing and that swap could not have turned out any worse, although for Kelly to have been such a constant target and to now still be there shows what an amazing player she is.



Not sure. 9GO! just following America



cc survivor palau. The exact same thing happened I’m pretty sure.

me thinks something is cooking up on the edge of extinction because they have to reveal the twist at some point. Pretty sure this is the same time where they revealed exile and redemption islands to the players.



There was no tribe swap in Palau. There were 2 tribes and they let it continue until Stephenie was the last remaining on her tribe and was absorbed into the other tribe. You might be thinking of All Stars where the tribe swap resulted in everyone being with members of their previous tribe with the exception of Amber.

The players always knew about Exile and Redemption Island. Neither were ever a secret and players always attended the duals at Redemption. The only time a big twist like this has been kept from the players was the Outcast twist in Pearl Islands.

It will definitely be the merge episode where it is all revealed and I’m assuming the contestants on Extinction will fight for the first spot back in the game. Then the second spot will come at Top 5.



Trust me I’m not. I’m saying the same thing happened where it was constant losing and fuck the tribe never won a challenge. Purely because Tom was a beast. Don’t get me started on AS because Boston Rob was a big snake but shoulda won.

It’s already getting overcrowded there with four players. Pretty sure next week it’ll be on par or larger with one of the tribes in the game. The preview of last week showed a lot more than normal for EoE it has to be the reason it’s longer this week.



Oh you meant it’s like Palau how the same tribe is always losing. Yes it is.

Yeah but by the end of the game Edge of Extinction will be larger than every tribe. You do realise that every contestant has the choice to stay until Day 35 if they choose too for that final opportunity to return to the game? That’s the whole point of it.



Well I’m glad that was a double episode as they were two good eps and really kicked this season into gear for me.

I was pretty disappointed to see Aubrey go on the first vote and did not expect it. She has had a strong edit so far this season for someone that hasn’t been to Tribal Council (compared to say Joe who has had barely no airtime) so I am hoping that means she returns from the Edge of Extinction. The only person over there that I see as any real threat in a challenge is Chris but he is going to have that disadvantage… so lets hope Aubrey fights her way back. The second episode was another good one and way to spice it up from just send Lesu back again. Great tribal… love all the whispering and craziness and the right person left.

What this episode really highlighted to me though was how good of players David and Kelley are. Look at the stark difference in tribal dynamics where Aubrey and Joe seem not a chance of staying had their tribes lost but in comparison Kelley and David now stand in the last 4 remaining from their original tribe. I also love the fact that Kelley has an Idol. I am predicting a Second Chances scenario come the merge where she whips it out and makes a move.

Next week we will hopefully finally be able to see some of these invisible people on Joe’s tribe play!



I want to see Rick or Reem return.

Rick would do well to slide straight back into the game with his alliance with David, who could quickly flip to join the new Manu and target The War Dog/Joe/Kelley.

Reem would be good value purely because she would raise hell, only to get voted out at the next tribal council.

Out of the returnees, I only want to see David make it deep into the game. They are getting way too much of the airtime at the moment and it would be nice to see a bit more of the new players (Erik, Julia and Aurora have been virtually invisible all season). Although I predicted Aubrey to go to final three with Julie and Ron, I don’t want her to return. She has had her time.



That’s what happens when you have 4 tribes (including Edge), 18 players still in the game and the same tribe that keeps going to Tribal Council. The editors really need to take note of what they did last season. In David vs Goliath by episode 2 or 3 it felt like I knew everyone and there were no majorly invisible players but this season there definitely are. I just think Edge of Extinction is getting too much airtime and it should be a place that we are aware of exists but it shouldn’t get more airtime than just the eliminated contestant arriving each episode.



I’d really like Reem and Chris back.

I’m not a fan of Wentworth. IMHO one of the most overrated players in Survivor history.



Wash your mouth out. :crazy_face:

I call her Parvati 2.0. Not as great but close. One of those rare players that makes the game feel exciting again. The fact the she’s had a target on her back since day 1 and there’s been talk of her going nearly every tribal, to then have 6 people go from her original tribe before her is pretty amazing. Her edit is actually very similar to Parvati in Heroes vs Villans (early target who has now risen to the top of her tribe) so will be interesting to see how it plays out. So glad she has that Idol and Wentworth is a player that has executed Idol plays perfectly in the past.

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