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I think the only way a Goliath will win if is it is an all-Goliath final three.

Alison: Dominant in individual challenges, good strategic game. Under the radar. (20%)
Angelina: Too aggressive, burned too many bridges. If she makes the final three I would bet my house she brings up the rice situation. (0%)
Davey: Under the radar, strong strategic game toward the end. Likely one of the first finale boots given he has come out guns blazing recently, best chance if he makes the final three. (20%)
Kara: Stuck under Alec/Dan for most of the game, poor edit but some good strategy throughout the game. Well-liked around camp and stuck behind Nick, Davey, Alison as threat. (20%)
Mike: Hasn’t done much in the way of strategy, very much a floater for most of the game. (10%)
Nick: All-round strong player, well-liked with good alliances. Solid strategic game. (40%)

I’m predicting final three is: Nick, Angelina, Mike (which would be a boring end to the season imo)
I’m hoping the final three is: Davey, Alison, Kara



Little subtle things on his Instagram stories



A bit of an anti-climax but I am happy for Nick. Wasn’t expecting Mike to get so many votes though.

Highlight of the finale by far was Dan tripping over at the final tribal council.

Although I was disappointed by the final three, David vs Goliath was a standout season. I’m sure it will stand up over time.



In what was a great season it was a very predictable ending. To be honest I thought the winner was a good shot of winning from the second or third episode.

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Yeah so did I. I still thought he was quite deserving. A great season with so many good players and moves though. Just glad Mike didn’t win. Gee I hated him by the end.

Did you notice Alec wasn’t at the reunion? Apparently banned for breaching social media rules…



Yeah someone mentioned this a few weeks ago. Pity he was my favourite this season.

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Yes, he posted a picture on Instagram of him and Kara together before the game (now confirmed couple). Also, Jeremy didn’t make an appearance as he had a major fight with Natalie and decided to leave Ponderosa early because he couldn’t put up with Napalm Natalie.

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Overall, this was a pretty good cast. Here is my best attempt at a cast review:

Pat (David) - Very loud after taking leadership early on, sad to see his time cut short after medevac. C
Jessica (David) - Pretty boring, her boot did get the ball rolling for a season full of big blindsides. D
Jeremy (Goliath) - Very big character. Some of his moments with Mike and Natalie were great, but he just couldn’t find his place in the tribe. C
Bi (David) - Similar to Jessica, a pretty boring character. This is why athletes like Bi and Moana from Aus shouldn’t compete on Survivor. D
Natalia (Goliath/Vuku) - Didn’t get too much from the edit, seemed like a slightly toned down version of Angelina. Points for her boot though, she absolutely let rip at Alec and Kara. Great television. D
Natalie (Goliath/Jabeni) - Fantastic character. I feel she got a bit hard done by with the edit but she certainly did come across as very aggressive. Some great quotes such as “Your skin is gorgeous darling”. Love me some napalm Natalie. A
Lyrsa (David/Jabeni) - Personally didn’t like her but she was a very colourful character. Was overshadowed by other tribemates (Natalie/Angelina). C
Elizabeth (David/Vuku/Kalokalo) - Pretty boring in the game, didn’t too much in the way of strategy/social but great value in Ponderosa. Highly recommend binging Ponderosa just for Elizabeth. C (B including Ponderosa)
John (Goliath/Tiva/Kalokalo) - The Mayor of Slamtown was one of the highlights of this season. Expected him to be a typical macho man but he proved to be anything but. Such a gentleman and a witty guy as well. I really hope to see him return but I doubt it will happen given his wrestling commitments. A+
Dan (Goliath/Tiva/Kalokalo) - Typical bro character. Nothing in the way of strategy, very little in the way of social game. Completely blindsided by his showmance with Kara and completely cocky. C
Alec (Goliath/Vuku/Kalokalo) - Didn’t expect him to be such a prominent character. Really turned his game around starting from the tribe swap and was a fantastic triple threat. B
Carl (David/Vuku/Kalokalo) - Will always be remembered for one thing and one thing only. Bing! Actually make that two… Drunk Carl was great value. B
Gabby (David/Tiva/Kalokalo) - Oh Gabby! Probably holds the record for most tears shed in a season of Survivor. Great alliance with Christian. A little too dependent on others to get ahead though. B
Christian (David/Tiva/Kalokalo) - Christian is an absolute champion! From episode one he was the shining light of this season. Granted he did become very annoying toward the end but certainly one of the highlights of this season. A
Davie (David/Vuku/Kalokalo) - My personal favourite from this season, Davie had a great social and strategic game. A very enjoyable player to watch who probably could’ve beaten Nick at the final three. A+
Alison (Goliath/Tiva/Kalokalo) - Underedited but one of the best strategic players this season. She was a massive physical threat and flew under the radar for most of the game. B
Kara (Goliath/Vuku/Kalokalo) - I didn’t like her at the beginning, but have come to love her. Fantastic social game, knew when to jump off the Dan bandwagon. She got screwed by the firemaking challenge, definitely would’ve been able to beat Nick in the final three imo. A
Angelina (Goliath/Jabeni/Kalokalo) - What a polarising character. If I could describe her in one word it would be ‘humble’. She never once asked for anyone to give her a jacket, nor did she ever bring up the fact she gave up immunity to provide the tribe with rice. A
Mike (Goliath/Jabeni/Kalokalo) - Boring character. While I loved his performance in School of Rock, he didn’t show up in Survivor. Riding coattails for most of the game. C
Nick (David/Jabeni/Kalokalo) - Predictable winner, but very deserving. Still can’t believe he was going to be the first one voted out were it not for Pat being taken out of the game. Some memorable alliances (Mason-Dixon, Thoroughbreds, Rockstars), played a key role in a number of big blindsides (namely John). A

Great: Natalie, John, Christian, Davie, Kara, Angelina, Nick
Good: Alec, Carl, Gabby, Alison
Average: Pat, Jeremy, Lyrsa, Elizabeth, Dan, Mike
Bad: Jessica, Bi, Natalia

I think we will see: Pat, Natalie, Elizabeth, John, Alec, Christian, Davie, Angelina, Nick return in the future.

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I give him an A. He got me watching every week!

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Watched Marquesas for the first time over the weekend/Christmas and boy was I impressed!

I’m genuinely shocked that it is one of the least popular pre-All Stars seasons. I’d probably put it right up there with Borneo and Pearl Islands.

Some thoughts:

  • This Boston Rob guy is pretty awesome: disappointed he was booted pre-jury, definitely a top three character from this season.
  • Kathy is an absolute legend: made the end game all the more enjoyable, polarising character with some great confessionals.
  • Vecepia is an underrated winner. Going into the season I was sceptical about her but I came to like her, great UTR win in terms of strategy, a bit of a fluke with individual immunity wins toward the end though but certainly more deserving than everyone else, possibly with the exception of Kathy.

  • I can’t believe that Sean has never returned. Such an entertaining character and so likeable, bring them back!
  • Why do people speak so highly of Neleh? Such a princess with absolutely ZERO strategy. Rode the coattails the whole time. :roll_eyes: Their only legacy is drawing rocks

Don’t know whether many others have gotten around to it, but it is definitely worth the watch.

4 seasons down, 33 to go. Bring on Thailand (oh boy)…



I never commented after the finale but overall was very impressed with the season. The finale was pretty predictable outcome but it had a lot of LOL moments. I would love to see a lot of this cast again, even Angelina (she was dumb but super entertaining and hilarious). This season definitely revived what I love about Survivor so hopefully the theme next season doesn’t ruin that again and it can be a decent season.

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I am surprisingly excited for Season 38, the cast has its strengths but also has some poor typecasts.


Winner - Julie: UTR threat, strong alliance, sound strategy.
Runner-Up - Ron: universally liked, aggressive, strategist. Similar arc to Mike White.
Runner-Up - Aubry: third time, master strategist, strong alliance.
4th - Lauren: bikini quota, little strategy, physical player. Loses fire challenge.
5th - Cirie’s son’s alternate’s Davie’s alternate’s. Pre-med, superfan, likeable.
6th - David: second time, massive strategic threat.

7th - Kelley: third time, strategic and challenge threat. Extinction, return.
8th - Victoria: smart, strategic, manipulative, passive. Will not visit Extinction.
9th - Eric: very passive, not much strategy. Will not visit Extinction.
10th - Joe: third time, challenge beast. Extinction, return.
11th - Dan: Tony 2.0, ex-military. Extinction, no return.
12th - Gavin: Southern charm, master strategist. Will not visit Extinction.
13th - Chris: goofball superfan, strong, manipulative. Extinction, loses.

14th - Wendy: energetic, bubbly, strategist. Extinction, loses.
15th - Aurora: self-aware, aggressive, little strategy. Extinction, quit.
16th - Rick: Big Moves, aggressive, overly strategic. Extinction, loses.
17th - Reem: entertaining, loose lips sink ships. Will not visit Extinction.
18th - Julia: pre-med, social player, underprepared. Extinction, quit.

Extinction predictions: Joe and Kelley return at final six. Both are eliminated before the final five

The Ron Clark Story, starring Matthew Perry is a must-watch before this season (available on YouTube).

Survivor: Edge of Extinction premieres February 21.



What is with the spoiler tags?



I figured some people may not want to know the cast before the actual season airs.

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New Season 38 of Survivor premieres Thursday 21 Feb and Nine still has the Australian FTA rights and is tryingagain with a 7.30pm timeslot.

Thursday 21 February



It’s once again time for a group of strangers to try and outwit, outplay, and outlast one another in attempt to be crowned Sole Survivor and earn themselves $1 million. This season features 18 castaways - 4 of whom are returnees.



On the main channel?



On 9Go

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Thanks just saw that. The image didn’t load on the phone.

I don’t have a problem with it being at 7:30 on GO!. Even if it doesn’t rate that well it always provided good timeshifting figures.

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I have such high expectations after the fantastic David vs Goliath but am nervous this season will be gimmicky.

This season is hard to predict with Edge of Extinction. It is very possible that an early boot comes back and wins. I have read a rumour about a contestant that supposedly makes it “deep” into the game but that could just mean that they are there till the end on Edge of Extinction like a chunk of the cast. So I have no idea what to expect from this season. It will either be a hit or big miss. I wonder how much of the eliminated contestants will be actually shown through the season? Hopefully not too much and hopefully doesn’t dominate too much airtime.

Fantastic. 9.30 was too late as I always watch it at my parents on a Thursday, so we used to watch it around 7.30 on 9Now. This way can probably just watch it on Go.

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Yes, Edge of Extinction makes this somewhat hard to predict (although I don’t think anyone will be at all surprised if Joey Amazing dominates at IoE and returns). I suspect at the end of the episode it will show whether the contestant decides to stay or leave, and then at the beginning of the next episode before the reward challenge it shows them arriving/reaction to Island of Extinction.

Initially I wasn’t too excited for this season but the cast is actually pretty solid and it looks like it could be quite entertaining. The one major downside of David vs. Goliath was that it was so predictable and many people already knew the winner after a couple of episodes, something I think EoE can avoid purely by the nature of its twist.