Survivor (US)

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With yet another waste of time Reunion show, why bother having the cast there if it is just Probst talking for 75% and stupid audience interaction.



I actually like that season and loved how Kim manipulated everyone and ended up winning. I hate Ben with a passion so this season is worse for me. Devon was robbed and if i was him I would be pissed.

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I agree. The way Ben just found Idol’s again and again at the pointy end of the game just seemed so suss. They didn’t even show us him finding one of them and they shouldn’t even be re-hiding Idols when there are 5 people left. The fact that he found one in the dark too seems too coincidental. Then they implement a twist that completely saved him so they could have their picture perfect winner with the perfect back story. To have 75% of the reunion focused on why he won, his PTSD etc was just way over the top. I am sick to death of hearing about it.

Chrissy should have won but it was never going to happen. Definitely in the bottom handful of seasons.

I agree on this as well. One World was a great season due to Kim being one of the greatest players ever.

Next season will be interesting. I like the concept if it means contestants choose at various points what twists/advantages go into the game. It kinda adds a new strategic angle if contestants implement twists rather than producers. However I fear it could come very gimmicky, Given last season Cirie left with no votes due to so many advantages and this season Ben won due to an overkill of Idols… I hope it doesn’t mean another game dominated by advantages.



Given the poor overnight ratings that US Survivor is getting, I wonder if Nine might give them up. After enjoying a week of +5% shares for 9Go, last night’s final dragged the share down to 3.1%. Seems like a potentially expensive show just to put on a multichannel when movies do better.

Massively disappointing season and final where the whole series seemed to be designed to get Ben across the line. And what was that “reunion” special or should I say The Ben Show? I wonder if he will be added to CBS’s list of favourites or champions for a return season.



Surely this season takes the cake for the most Idols found? Joe had 2 Idols, Ryan had an Idol, Ben had 3 Idols and Lauren had an Idol. Not to mention Chrissy’s first week one off Idol use as well. That means at 8 different votes Idols were used or could have been used. A bit ridiculous.

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Completely agree. Its verging on too much producer interference. There is no way an idol should have been reintroduced back into the game with only 5 people remaining. That was done purely to save Ben. Still not totally sure that the fire making twist wasnt added once Ben made the final 5.



Couldn’t agree more with you guys such a setup for Ben. I wanted anyone to win but him! Chrissy should have won or Devon. Came to Survivor later than all of you after watching our version but have caught up a few seasons. Even set up an old VHS machine not used for many years and borrowed some tapes from a Survivor fan friend. The picture was far from HD quality. :laughing: I cannot handle all the crap about Marine Ben so am not going to watch the reunion taking into account the comments you guys have made about it. So saying I’m up for the next season. :yum:



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This is a make or break season for the show. The concept on paper sounds good but I pray it’s not too gimmicky. I don’t like that we are back to a 20 person cast either… would have to mean more double boot eps and possibly a final 6. Seasons like that are too rushed.



How is it a make or break season? The ratings are still good.

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I dont think the last season was too healthy.



Only two episodes dropped below 1.8 in the demo. That is fantastic especially when some shows struggle to hold onto a 1.



But it used to get around 3.5-4.0. It’s an expensive show. They wouldn’t want it dropping too much more.



I mean make or break in the sense that the last two seasons became quite gimmicky with way too many advantages. If that happens again it’s going to tarnish he show a bit IMO. It needs a stronger gameplay focus and this needs to be a good season.



It hasnt rated at those levels for 6 years now. No show on US TV gets those ratings anymore. Only Sport is able to acheive that.



Reality TV is generally a cheap genre of TV to produce and for several reasons.

  • No writers
  • Hiring the “talent” is cheep - Survivor US essentially pays it’s talent (the contestants) about $1.3 million a season (14 episides) - the million as the grand prize and about $300k for placement money & reunion fees for the contestants. Compare that to the 1 million an episode that a single cast member of Big Bang Theory demand
  • Specifically for Survivor, the host location loves the show (they employ locals and give exposure to the country for tourism). I belive it was reported that Fiji gives Survivor US tax benfits equal to 40% of the production cost of each production cycle (two seasons) .
  • The time it takes to produce an episode is shorter - an episode of scripted generally takes a week to produce. (From table read to actually filming a scripted show needs a week for each episode. While an episode of Survivor is generally filmed over 3 days).


I think you might mean cheap :stuck_out_tongue:

But reality isn’t as cheap as you think it is… It has been stated many times before how expensive Survivor is to make and in fact it would probably cost just as much to produce a single episode of survivor as it would for an episode of a drama.



LOL, thanks.

I am not an expert but I respectfully disagree with your theory that an hour of Survivor is about equal to an hour of drama. There are too many factors that Reality TV doesn’t have to deal with that TV Drama does have to deal with in production.

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This season of Survivor will be shown at 8.30pm on Thursdays on 9Go! - same day as US.

Survivor: Ghost Island starts Thursday 1 March at 8.30pm with a 2-hour episode.