Survivor (US)

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You do realise that this was filmed a couple of months before Australian Survivor was? So it’s more likely that Aus Survivor got the idea from discussions with the US team, or both got this challenge idea form another international version.

Last week this season fell into place for me. It was one of the very rare times ever pre-merge that every single contestant got a confessional. I think it’s why this season pre-merge was OK but not amazing. It’s a pretty even and consistent cast of players (who never got to play to hard with such small tribes). Which means good things come the merge I reckon.

Last night’s merge episode was great. I feel like we have a lot of strong players in this group and the gameplay is just going to go into overdrive. There have been consistent rumours that this is a pretty crazy season post merge and that tribal seemed to really kick things off. So glad that Chirssy survived, she is the one contestant I really would love to see this. Such a smart and strong player. Surprised to see Jessica go though as some of the Survivor boards I was reading a lot of people seemed to think she was going to win.

The preview for next week looks insane. It literally looks like Cole lifts and grabs Chrissy in a lock to try and get the Idol or clue off her.



The challenge that US Survivor used this week was still used on Aus Survivor 2016 (Ep 16 - El won the challenge).



If anyone ‘manually’ records US Survivor, tonight is a double episode.



Hopefully I can work out the G-Code for the second episode.



The call is out casting for Survivor US

If you follow this twitter conversion there are interesting casting videos. People are applying via twitter now!



Two really good episodes last night that have made this season quite unpredictable now.

I’ll be surprised if that core 4 hold up. I hate how Devon and Ashleigh sit there like they are King and Queen and going to win the thing. The two of them have done nothing. Lauren was the brains behind that alliance, and this thing with Ben pretending that he’s not part of the alliance that Devon thinks is genius is actually only going to benefit Ben’s game. Not Devons…

Really hoping that Chrissy or Ryan can turn the game around somehow as they are pretty much the only people I like left that I like. If it comes down to the other alliance Lauren is the only one that I can really tolerate.



I am the exact opposite. I cant stand Ben, Chrissy and Ryan and am hoping Devon (my favourite at the moment) or Lauren take it out. But going by next weeks preview I can already see whats going to happen. Devon, Lauren and Ashley will come for Ben. Ben will convince Devon that he is in danger and to play the fake idol he gives him.

Ben will then team up with Chrissy, Ryan and Mike to get Devon out. Lauren and Ashley will be voted out after that, followed by Mike. Ben, Chrissy and Ryan final 3, Ben wins.



Wow I really do hope that happens, would be good to see the game change direction again. I just hope that Ben doesn’t win. I’m sick of constantly hearing about his time serving his country. We get a spiel about it almost every ep.

Personally I think Devon and Ashleigh are just the most useless two players there. Devon’s only form of gameplay was thinking up the Ben idea but like I said it only benefits Ben.



I disagree. Devon was integral to both the blindsides this week. Even though he might have only started playing the game this week, he is the most likeable player left for me apart from Lauren. I would prefer that a likeable person won.



CBS has revealed the new season of Survivor will premiere in the US on Wednesday, February 28. Theme and location will be announced during or close to the finale of current season. Expect 9GO! to show it here on Thursday, March 1.



The location will be Fiji again (they produce seasons back to back in the same location and S35/36 produced in the same production cycle)

Also, the theme and cast has been spoiled by a reliable and promnate source. So if you want to know either, the links are below:



It is well known that Survivor films back to back seasons in the same location and as this is the first of 2 seasons it is Fiji again next time around. Like Dominated posted the theme has been well known for quite a while now as well.


The Ghost Island concept is an interesting one. There aren’t many definitive spoilers on what Ghost Island actually is but it’s some sort of twist on Exile Island people seem to think that Ghost refers to past seasons. So contestants who go to Ghost Island could be given the opportunity to use or implement things into the game that have been used in previous seasons. It could be that they pick an upcoming challenge, they get to choose from previous advantages or might have power to pick certain twists such when and how the tribes swap/merge etc.

I think this would be cool if the season will start off with no planned twists (e.g. the game starts off with no idols, no advantages, no set time for tribe swaps or merges) and it is all determined at certain points from what contestants select on ghost Island. It could be gimmicky but it definitely adds another element of strategy into the game.



Wow. Talk about about an epic episode and crazy Tribal. Lauren would have to go down as one of the dumbest players ever. She was in the perfect position to almost be guaranteed Final 3. She had a strong dominant alliance and 2 advantages in play… yet she told everyone everything. Just screaming outt the second she found that Idol clue was stupid. Then handing half the Idol to Mike? That made no sense at all. Loved him throwing in the fire that was Gold. Then a complete blindside by Ben,

I can’t stand Ben at all… but he is playing a very smart game. He is literally the only person there who kept his Idol a secret and executed at the right time. It looks like things are really going to continue to blow up next week and the end game looks completely unpredictable.

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As long as none of Ben, Chrissy or Mike end up winning, I am fine. I would prefer Devon or Ashley to win. But knowing my luck, Ben, the person I dislike the most, will end up winning.



My exact experience with AU Survivor this year lol.

Devon has grown on me a lot, and Dr. Mike is somewhat average entertainment (so that’s a plus). I’m already happy that homebrand Tony got out 2 tribals ago.



Season 35 final will be on 9Go! Thursday 21 December

Live 12:00 pm - 03:00 pm AEST

Repeat at 7:30pm



I don’t understand the Devon love or any reason why anyone would want him to win apart from the fact that he’s likeable. He hasn’t really done a thing this entire game that benefits him or his alliance. He is useless.

I actually can’t stand Ben either… he is annoying, controlling and gets on my nerves BUT I put that aside and can see that he is hands down the most deserving person to win at this point. He has executed perfect strategy in fooling Chrissy and Ryan to thinking he was on their side to then showing exactly how to execute an Idol at the right time. Every other person with an advantage this season has wasted it.

I think anyone can win it at this stage but I would say that Ashleigh and Devon are the least deserving. They walk around like they are high almighty and controlling the game but in fact they are just constantly sitting in the middle and playing it safe.



I don’t know, for me I would prefer someone likeable to win.

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Worst season and winner ever confirmed. Could production have been way more obvious about who they wanted to win?



you forget about one world?