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Always laugh at the reports each year of how many people can’t go a day without visiting a supermarket. Holiday in QLD today with most shops closed but Brisbane Airport Woolworths open.

PSA: If you get stuck for something on Monday when the shops are closed, you can always head to @BrisbaneAirport @woolworths at Skygate.
The land is subject to Commonwealth regulation, not State.
For the same reason, AFP patrol the precinct.

— Peter Doherty (@PeterDoherty7) May 5, 2024

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I think it’s a bit dumb not allowing shops to trade on a Labour Day. It’s not like Christmas where most people will be spending time with family.

There won’t be much else to do for some, so some people probably would have been happy to work anyway and get the extra cash?


Need to give the workers an opportunity to march with their comrades :smile:

I feel like my supermarket shop keeps trending up. I’ve started actually spending more at Coles lately, less at Woolworths, that’s a first for me, finding better pricing if I split between both, cycle some of the specials.

Olive Oil is a new one to get hit with price surges, pretty ordinary availability also. Most have jumped 20% in the last week or two. Apparently we are heading for $30/1L very soon.

Yoghurts, Eggs another area still facing availability issues and price jumps.

Interesting a bottle of oil lasts me months so I don’t notice the price increase which is why they probably did it as I guess that would be the same for most people. I usually just buy Woolworths branded.

Massive olive oil shortage across the globe


The Victorian Government has approved the proposed $780 million redevelopment of Victoria Gardens shopping centre in Richmond in inner Melbourne. It will include six new residential buildings with 827 homes (10% of which will be affordable housing), a new fresh food market hall, civic plazas, a new underground car park, and a network of open-air laneways.

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Why are shopping centres so obsessed with these?

Almost every time there’s a major redevelopment proposed it will include one.

Because it attracts shoppers.


Almost every time there’s a major redevelopment proposed it will include one.

Like what was said before. Also to make them community focused to attract more locals. Westfield especially is obsessed with these and outdoor dining areas so they can brand themselves as “Living Centres” instead of just shopping centres.

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Big W opened its latest store at Stanhope Gardens in Sydney’s west last week.

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Interesting to see the new look Big W from some of those pics.

Interesting, looks nothing like a normal BIGW and a cross between a K and a T. What I like is that it’s not as bright. Looks like more spacious, I have always found BW stores so crammed and just stock shoved everywhere.

I’d need to see it in person but it probably looks better vs the other two.

EG is looking at off-loading their (Ampol-branded) Petrol Stations and exiting the country after 5 years, reportedly due to underperformance.

To quote in the article (paywalled if the ‘Free Article’ quota is used up)

The only candidates imo I can see is either BP (which is set to lose the OTR contract in SA/Victoria to Viva/Shell), or Ampol themselves (which means Ampol probably closing the ‘dog-box’ sites in the smaller Woolworths centres and rebranding the larger EG sites as Foodary)

Looks very compartmentalised. I don’t love the big blue entrance sign.

Looks pretty cheap and empty, more like a tk maxx than a Big W. I think its problems has more to do with it being in a former Kmart than the actual design. Is Woolworths planning to open more Big W stores?

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Compared to the Euro Garage stations overseas which are similar to how OTR operate with multibranded stores and BP forecourt, these EG stations never stood a chance due to their small sized outlets and overall footprint.

EG would nearly need to bulldoze each site and start again as well as get some reputable brands onboard.

Not to mention that EG weren’t too pleased with Ampol in the beginning, and were tied up in court action to try and null that supply agreement.

Be interesting up see who attempts to take this off their hands and if it would be subject to scrutiny by ACCC.


From what I can gather, it seems like mass expansion and the demands of different regional markets led to its failure.

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