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Price of Chocolate is about to jump. While the current price hikes with cocoa shouldn’t really flow over for a few months, I’ve noted some hefty jumps across the supermarkets. Cadbury blocks/sharepacks have moved to $6. Id expect sizes to shrink in size soon to avoid further price hikes. Chocolates will be much more expensive this festive season.

Olive Oil is another that’s increasing. I have been buying the 3l tins when they are on sale. Cobram/Red Island have moved their 3L tins to over $60/$65 now.


The Linfox-owned Armaguard warned late last year its business model was unsustainable due to falling demand for physical currency, sparking emergency meetings with Australia’s major banks and big retailers. The Reserve Bank, which prints and issues currency, is also involved in discussions.

On Thursday, Armaguard rejected a $26m rescue package from the big banks and retailers, citing concerns over conditions attached to the bailout.

Linfox will instead put $10m into its currency delivery business to ensure it can continue deliveries, while it seeks a longer term solution.

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Also new signage has been uploaded to (potentially) use,

Card preferred as correct change may not be available

Card Only

Cash out max $200, or only in $50 denominations

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The redevelopment of Perth’s Kardinya Park shopping centre began this week.

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That’s good news, though I somewhat fear that shopping centre upgrades/redevelopments are becoming more of a rarity with the move to online shopping, meaning less money in that market.

My local centre hasn’t really had much done it to it in the last 14 years, other than a small new dining precinct with about 6 tenants.

I think it depends on the area. My local shopping centre with two supermarkets and a discount department store had a major refurbishment last year and it’s only about 15 years old.

Another shopping centre a bit further away is currently going through a major refurb too. The downside is that they’ve forced the tenants to upgrade their shops as well but some have refused so they’ve lost the tenants. One was a jewellery shop which maybe doesn’t matter so much because another jewellery shop had opened in the centre. But it’s a blow for a small business who was forced out by the competition from a big chain. The other tenant was a big fruit shop which is bad for customers because the only option now is two supermarkets in that centre.

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Noticed a huge amount of leftover Easter stock in supermarkets this afternoon. Haven’t seen so much left over in a quite a few years. Orthodox Easter is 5 weeks later this year and that moght have played a small part but I’d say the cost of living crisis and the skyrocketed price of chocolate has led to many people buying less this year.

Noticed that Woolies is being a bit stingy and has only reduced chocolate eggs, rabbits and the bilby by 50% today. Meanwhile Coles has a clearance and they are at least 75% today.

My local Coles seemed to be short on chocolate on Thursday (not a lot was left and it wasnt a great selection), not sure whether that changed on Saturday - the local Woolies on the other hand seemed to have quite a lot left over on Monday

Made a change from the last two years when there was hardly any selection in the lead up to Easter at Woolies


Probably for the last two years, there was hardly any leftover stock. The amount I saw today, I haven’t seen for years.

My local Woolworths had a stack left over however I think that was because they put all the Easter stuff in one area but to reach the area you had to exit the store go to the Easter egg section grab what you want and re-enter the store. There was no way to enter the main store so if people had already shipped but forgot Easter stuff they probably would not have bothered. I don’t know who’s bright idea that was. It’s a new store only been opened about six months so would have no data to go from as to how many Easter products they would need. I did notice as I was leaving a staff member moving the Easter stuff on a pallet.

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Marquee Retail Group has been placed into voluntary administration.

The business aims to keep the 60 stores open and no plans to cut the workforce of 400 while in administration.

I was at Woolworths yesterday morning, and saw the leftover Easter stock at the back of the store, next to the dairy display fridge.

Guess WW won’t be stocking Easter products next year??

I’m sure they will but maybe scale back a bit.

I do think that Orthodox Easter still being a few weeks away may have factored on sales this year but also definitely the prices of Easter Eggs in general now feel significantly over priced. I bought a few things for my parents and niece/nephews but this year opted more for standard chocolate blocks/boxes and I also found one of those discount supermarkets before Easter selling a range of stuff on sale before Easter - so got some things there too.

I’m sure they will find an excuse not to.

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Doubt it, but they’ll certainly readjust their stock expectations.

I think cost of living has had a bigger impact - the lead times for this stuff are big and given they’re putting stock out pretty well in January, they only have a few months to lock in the next Easter’s order and a lot can change in that timeframe.

75% off Easter chocolate at the new Woolies in Ashfield (Sydney). I just went crazy! I was slightly embarrassed at the checkout.


It took Woolies a bit longer to match Coles.

Lol! Care to say how much you bought? :grin:

Which is one thing I like about the self serve checkouts.
I don’t feel embarrassed when I’m being served by a machine!


Chocolate is so expensive nowadays with Cadbury blocks going for $6 at normal price.

With this in mind I bought ten large Cadbury bunnies for $25 and ten medium Cadbury eggs filled with solid eggs for $25.

I’m going to have fun over the next few weeks.