Supermarkets and Retail

No. They were completely different businesses and much smaller than a Big W.

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So Woolworths just closed their variety stores?

Yeah. After the larger Target, KMart and Big W stores started opening,the Woolworths Variety, Coles Variety started closing down.


Very interesting. Thanks JBar.

I don’t get why click and collect is at the back of the store, sort of defeats the purpose of being a quick service.

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Perhaps an idea for click and collects in these department stores. Have lockers like this. Have them across the front wall of the store or something, generally is a bare wall near the registers etc.

I like the freedom within a day or two window that Aus Post gives us with these lockers which they are installing more and more.

I don’t bother with C and C at Kmart or BW anymore as it’s a slow process to pickup. BW the other week, had three people ahead of me picking up lay-bys, ended up just buying off the shelf and emailing the contact to refund it

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I purchased some clothes from Big W recently and it came as 3 separate deliveries from 3 different stores which isn’t very efficient.

This happens a lot with Kmart and Target too.

The online systems automatically send the orders to the store that has all the stock available. If no store has all the stock available, the orders are split.

I’d rather get what I ordered in 3 seperate packages, than not get it at all.


Myer does the same thing. I recently got a BBQ cover for a gift and it came from Qld, yet other products came from their DC in Altona (Vic), and a further product is coming direct from the supplier. I don’t care where they are coming from, I’m just happy to have my order fulfilled.

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Sure but it would be far more efficient if a central warehouse ie the distribution centre that distributes the stock to each store did the majority of the online deliveries in each state and the stock comes from a store if the central warehouse doesn’t have stock and that should be a very rare occurrence. Having a delivery of just over $100 as 3 separate deliveries costs a fortune.
Plus never use My Deal if you may need to return something they make it a pain. You can’t return the product to a store, they charge you extra and force you to take a photo of the product you are returning and are extremely slow. My sister had this experience recently. Whenever I have had to return anything using Amazon for example it’s been very easy and efficient. You issue a return request using the app and they have several locations nearby you can choose to return the item. Usually at no cost
That is their competition they need to improve that process straight away if they want to compete.

I assume the retailer gets hit for multiple postage fees? I got 5 things from Myer, all from 5 different places. Total spend was only $70, I assume postage costs would probably be more than my order.

Seems highly unprofitable. However the option to cancel people’s orders is just as bad.

Depends on the contract you would think so, but my order came from 2 different providers as well, Courier’s Please and Australia Post.

So click and collect is (mostly) fully automated.

You type in your order number, and a robot will grab your order from a shelf and deliver your order down the conveyer belt. This is done one order at a time, so if you have multiple orders it is a bit time consuming.

For bulky items, you are directed to someone who retrieves the goods from elsewhere.

I used my Everyday Extra 10 percent on Woolworths and Big W online.

Was in Big W last week and at the self checkout it asked me if I wanted to use my 10 percent discount?

I said yes. Seems like a glitch.

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Coles copping a bit with the staff Christmas water bottle and $5 worth of points. I did laugh at the fairly strict rules around the water bottle.

It’s more than what I get, however it’s still insulting.

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Fancy it’s about security

Coles will open its newest store at Warrigal Road, Chadstone in Melbourne’s east on Wednesday, December 13. It is located in the same block of building as Officeworks, JB Hi-Fi, Chemist Warehouse and Harvey Norman. It is unrelated to the current temporary closure of Coles supermarket at nearby Chadstone shopping centre, due to discovery of silica.

This is a News Corp article from October this year.

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Woolworths opens its second store in Ashfield in Sydney’s Inner West on Wednesday. I live nearby and got this in my letterbox.

It has some opening specials.

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Exposing supermarket rorts.

A “fed up” Victorian farmer has called on the major supermarkets to drastically lower their prices for fruit and vegetables, claiming profit-gouging is hurting consumers struggling with cost-of-living and driving growers out of business.

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