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Surprised that it seemlessly changed to another independent supermarket (and not Spudshed) considering that centre has Coles Woolies and Aldi.

For those on the east coast, Farmer Jack’s has had a loose affiliation with Foodworks in the past albeit under different ownership.


It was a foolish decision. They never should have launched locally until they had the infrastructure in place to deliver a similar experience to the US site, rather than a poorly managed eBay clone (with a tiny range of products fulfilled by Amazon itself) as it currently is.

A bit annoyed that they didn’t backflip sooner as I just spent a bundle on mail forwarding a Christmas gift from Amazon Japan… Oh well.


It’s the same logo from an ordinary person’s point of view. They’re interchangeable either way. Would’ve been better off keeping that money to reduce the loss.


It was a case of management blaming a logo for their problems rather than their own management skills.


I’m sure that if they weren’t interested in having a political fight they could have implemented the 10% GST within minutes. The Aussie shop is shit. Having almost no products fulfilled by Amazon themselves mean that it’s just a shit eBay clone with the same terrible quality of sellers who lie about their location.


I think you mean JB HiFi right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah . :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try and get a photo when I’m next at Joondalup. The store layout is somewhat the same there fruit and vegetables are way at the front .

Cafe that used to be is gone too.


One of Melbourne’s last drive-ins, the Coburg Drive-In has been sold for $12.5 million to property group Charter Hall. A proviso in the deal will see Charter Hall lease the drive-in back to Village and will continue to operate for at the next 10 years


At least they’re not closing it down.


Brilliant news!


Seems to still draw a decent crowd particularly on a Saturday night


Gives Charter Hall 10 years to develop a plan for the site, and gives Village 10 years to slowly and gracefully get out of the drive in game. Sad but true.


Farmer Jack’s was big in the 90’s but then went quiet for a while. The old chain of stores was under the same ownership as Newmart, Charlie Carters, Supa Valu, Advantage. Might have been FAL.

This will be the 6th supermarket in Joondalup since opening in 1994.

Advantage (became Woolworths)
Sisters IGA
Farmer Jacks


Max Brenner has been sold to Roy Mustaca who owns United Cinemas.


Is this the same Roy who was once a singer?


I know he’s been an Elvis impersonator. I once saw him at the Warriewood United Cinemas dressed as Elvis.


The Dromana 3-Drive In in Victoria (10min down the road from me, adjacent to the freeway) is still operating though I don’t believe strong, struggling in winter.

But being one of the top state holiday/day trip destinations, does well over summer.

It’ll be sad to see it go one day.

NB/ I’ve met the proprietar before and he’s a lovely guy, runs it with his wife, really passionate. Often calls 3AW’s Denis Walter on Fridays before 3pm to plug.


Still a drive in in Dandenong too


theres one in yatala about 1/2 way between brisbane and the goldie - just around the corner from the Dick Johnston racing workshop and museum.