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I grew up in bull creek and went to Target all the time - but never to Kmart even if it was just in Kardinya… I reckon it might change.

I actually have not shopped at Target since the early 00s. It used to be great back then. Back then I went to Bigw and Target. I never went to Kmart. Now I only go to Bigw and Kmart.


Most in Sydney like Broadway, Bondi Junction, Roselands never got this format - you’d think Bondi would.

Sad to see Target lose its stores over Kmart. They ruined Target with their lower quality items, poor pricing that is similar to brands that go on sale in Myer and made the store feel cheap and too white looking (floors, shelves and ceilings, with only price texts). During the 100% happy days, Target had great quality clothing for all the family and were even #1 in childrenswear - not sure if this is the case anymore?

Nobody wants to pay $99 for a suit jacket and $69 for pants at Target, when you can buy a branded suit for $150-200 when on sale during certain times of the year.

Kmart stores stink, air conditioning doesn’t work and is a mess.


Albury has a target across the road from a kmart thats in a shopping centre.w also is right next to coles that is only divided by a wall both stores are in need for small renovations

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Target at The Glen was my main store to shop at for many years (particularly in the 2000’s), I’d also pop into the Knox City and Eastland stores from time to time (and the rare appearance at the store in Forest Hill… which used to be a K-Mart!!). I have to say I am not a fan of the way the “newer” made over stores (Chadstone, Eastland and well The Glen lol) are designed - the lay out and even their lighting systems are a bit bleh.

I used to buy a lot of things from Target, mostly video games and dvds… but I’d buy the occasional other item from their manchester/bedding range. When they slowed phased a few things out to go more generic like K-Mart… was when I stopped going in there to shop. Also when they began downsizing their entertainment section, meant I didn’t really have a solid reason to pop in regularly.

I used to be a K-Mart shopper before they started aiming for a cheaper market, I barely shopped there as it was… but then they got rid of their video games and later their dvds… I have little incentive to shop there.

I shop (and work) at Big W (I don’t do my Big W shopping where I work… too many nosy co-workers nitpicking on why people buy certain items!). Big W had a lot of cool items prior to when I started working there but they’ve been slowly phasing things out for a while. I don’t think they will eliminate ALL name brands (like in the small appliances area) as this is our point of difference to Target/K-Mart… you can still get good quality items there (providing they’re in stock of course).


I disagree, think the make-over was for the better.

Lowes is better value and better quality than Target for a suit jacket and trousers, I think. Target, Kmart and Big W would never enter my mind as an option to buy a suit jacket.

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You know what, Have bought pants from Target (suit pants) and you know what they are decent. I never buy branded suits, over priced and doesn’t really fit my style. Which is I’m on a budget. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve always pegged Lowes as being Dimmeys tier of quality - it just always seemed cheap and the stuff you see going past a store is the high vis and some horrible flannel.

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It’s also marketed towards fat middle aged guys with that NRL guy. No way I’d even consider shopping there.


I do wonder if Lowe’s realise that their marketing and store presentation makes the store undesirable to anyone that isn’t as you’ve described. I’ve had a look before and not everything they sell fits that archetype (albeit to be fair I didn’t buy anything from them either).

It’s the whole category - When you have businesses like H&M and Uniqlo as well as online retailers like ASOS with a relatively strong presence people stop thinking about places like Target for basics.


The TV advertising for Lowes (at least the stuff we get here in Sydney, not sure about other markets) has pretty much been running the same formula of ex-rugby league players selling their stuff and shouting “…at Lowes!” for the better part of three decades, possibly longer.

I agree that such a marketing strategy is a bit tacky, but it must work if they’ve been doing it for so many years.


It must work but it excludes anyone outside of the big and tall guy demographic.


I dont know about other locations, but Lowes is one of the only sources (outside of Schools) where you can get School Uniforms around here

Some those those Target country locations are a bit strange. Some of those towns have a few thousand people tops. Had no idea Longreach has its own Target. They don’t even have a Coles or Woolworths. They wouldn’t even be doing a few thousand bucks a day. Let alone getting stock out there.


Best and Less has them.

does that include the specific items that schools seem to now require (like specifically embroidered shirts etc) or is it just generic schoolwear?

They sell regular sizes too. I generally don’t shop there at all, preferring to buy clothes from Myer, undies and socks from the supermarket and shoes from Skechers or FSW. But when I’ve bought a suit it was from Lowes as it was the best value for a lined jacket and a good fit.

For the first time Coles and Bunnings are selling Fight MND beanies. Normally the only way to purchase these beanies would be via the foundations website. Also, 10 cents from Coles’ branded pork will be donated to the campaign. Good on Wesfarmers in getting involved.

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If you look on Google Street View the store didn’t exist in 2007, so it’s a relatively new build too. Puzzling.
I know they used to have a location in Carnarvon in WA, a similarly isolated small town that they built around the same time only to close in recent years.

Other older locations are likely explained as legacy from the Fossey’s store network of the 90’s.

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