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My local shopping centre is using the American Kmart logo on their website.


The Target logo is the US one too, if I’m not mistaken.


It is too, good catch


As I mentioned previously, Coles at The Glen is being progressively renovated. When I visited the store yesterday and took this photo (which showed the dates each renovated department would reopen) the shop floor has been ripped up and is being relaid as well.


I’m 100% sure that is Mandurah Forum?

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Had hoped Papa John’s Pizza was coming back. They were pretty good pizzas for a cheap price!

‘Pinjarra Road’ gives it away :yum:


Unfortunately The Glen has gone upmarket with the redevelopment, so the likes of Papa John’s Pizza won’t be back.

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My local Coles (the one in Tooronga where their head offices are) is also being renovated and it’s taking a long time. They’ve reduced trading hours so it shuts at 8pm weeknights which was pretty frustrating when I arrived their around 7.40pm on Friday the other week and had to rush my grocery shop. I still can’t work out exactly what they are doing other than re-arranging where things are in the store but it’s taking much longer than it should considering they are closing 4 hours early every night and each week I don’t see much change.


If they are relocating stock, it is very time consuming to move it all if they have to remove and replace it all by hand, plus getting the new shelving in the right notches etc. At another retailer I worked at we used massive long pieces of flat timber that ran the length of the fixture and raised it with pallet jacks and whacked dollys underneath to move the fixture and stock all in one go.

Auburn, Chullora and Fairfield Big W stores in suburban Sydney to close by January 2020. The Auburn store has always been busy since it opened, the same as the adjacent Woolworths supermarket. It is baffling how they couldn’t apparently make a profit from the Auburn store.


Two of them are dodgy shit holes. I wouldn’t be caught dead in Auburn or Fairfield shopping centres (maybe that’s an overreaction, but they are very uninviting!)…

Auburn is very, very poor in terms of being able to park your car. It’s a maze to get into the town centre, let alone navigate that car park (I think the former is the bigger issue).

Fairfield’s Neeta City is stuck in 1975 with a bit of cladding (probably flammable too) to cover up the decrepit, ageing structure.

Chullora is in the middle of nowhere.


Wow, that first photo of Fairfield’s Neeta City Shopping Centre is a blast from the past.

Even though it was apparently only built in 1990, it looks like something out of the 80s! :stuck_out_tongue:

…and not that far away from Bankstown Central either.

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I know it’s a dump, like the rest of that apartment complex. Maybe that’s why they are closing it rather than spending money updating it?


There’s also the fact that the demographics/overall retail habits of Auburn, Chullora and Fairfield have likely changed considerably since their soon to be closed Big W stores were first opened some 20-25 years (or more) ago.

The Chullora store was always a vanity location, one of those opened back in the day before woolies spun off the shopping centre / property division and would put one of every single one of their businesses in any centre they opened despite lack of potential profitability (I’ve discussed this previously in the context of Canberra Airport I believe, but there’s countless examples dotted around the country).


They reduced the floor space of that one by about a third to put an Aldi next door.

There’s no layby at that store either, and it always seems pretty dead. I’d be very surprised if it survives the store closures. Five stores in the ACT is overkill. Tuggeranong is the other likely closure candidate imo - there’s a Target and Kmart in the same centre.

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The Big W at Tuggeranong replaced the top floor of Myer didn’t it?, with Harris Scarfe, The Reject Shop and a cafe on the bottom floor. I wonder what would happen to that space if Big W closed.

Coles New World Frankston, 1963.


It did, yeah. There’s a Big W ten minutes up the road at Woden though.

As for what could replace it… maybe entice Aldi or Dan Murphy’s from over the road and re-establish a link into that space from the carpark that was shut off when Myer moved out.

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