For some reason I thought he was going to be a really good anchor, but having had a look, he’s really stilted.


He needs to read the news in a tshirt or better still, shirtless. :wink:


@spw68 l was thinking shirtless as well !:flushed:

Seriously using PJ and now Denham has been a mistake, Alex Cullen would have been the better option.


PJ was alright, but I agree Alex Cullen is much better as he was at least Seven Sydney’s weeknight sports presenter for a few years right?


Alex was Sydney sport presenter for 3 or 4 years,first on weekends then weeknights. During that period he presented occasional Morning News bulletins and was quite good.


Sunrise won Week 1 by 40,000 nationally and all markets except Sydney.


How many consecutive weeks has Sunrise won?


By my count 11 weeks.


Whether or not this was a bad thing or not, Adam Boland never had a rotating roster of presenters on Sunrise particularly juniors. I agree with @inthewild, it is a shame that they never got anyone to replace Talitha (I hope she comes back though).


Woman’s Day have that covered: (well maybe not the reading the news part).


I am watching Sunrise again this morning. I am obsessed with Denham Hitchcock’s inability to read. It’s particularly noticeable when the sports reporter takes over.

Before next weekend I think someone at Sunrise should introduce Denham on the art of understanding commas and fullstops. The week after they could cover how to put a whole sentence together. The week after exclamation marks.

Is his role as newsreader proof that “looks are more important than talent”? Let me put it this way - has Denham ever read the news on radio?


I watched a bit of Denham this morning. Yes he isn’t good but I think that with work and time, he could be better. First things first, I like a male newsreader on breakfast and female on sport (simply because it is rare) and the fact that Denham is wearing a tie gives him a few extra points. I think Hitchcock’s problem is due to his time with Sunday Night. For some reason journos on current affairs shows tend to read reaaaaalllly s.l.o.w (Michael Usher does it at times too), unnecessarily emphasising words.

BTW, no weather presenter again this weekend with Simon reading sport and weather.


Maybe Denham doesn’t look comfortable doing it yet but I rather his serious take on the news rather than Simon taking the piss out of everything and anything which is getting on my nerves. Do we constantly need stupid voices and accents to read the sport results.


100% agree. I can never take Simon seriously and his constant interruptions of his reading is extremely unprofessional and annoying. I’d rather he read all the reports then comment before the cross to weather.


Monique will be co-hosting Sunrise this week.

Andrew is now on holidays, it sounds like Denham will be co-hosting next weekend.Angela Cox back reading news next weekend along with another week on Sunrise reading news.


Denham Hitchcock was alright, good on Sunrise/Seven for giving him an opportunity to present.

Did he ever present a bulletin over at Nine?


Current affairs shows like SN cover what, five stories over an hour? There’s no need to narrate them at the same pace as you’d read a news bulletin.


Yay for Ange. Boo for Monique


Monday (9.01.17)- Friday (13.01.17): Monique Wright is co-hosting with Kochie this week with Angela Cox on the news. Ryan Phelan is presenting sport. Sam Mac is back from holidays.

@spw68 I find Monique always seems to do better with the Sunrise team than the Weekend Sunrise gang.


I’m finding Monique quite good this morning. I usually can’t stand her on the weekend.