I wished he was the permanently to replace Eddy. Does Nelson have any other role in the US?


As you would recall, Aspen was the Entertainment reporter/editor for 13 years + on Sunrise before Eddy replaced him earlier this year. As far as I know, he does do other morning shows’ entertainment in the US and I believe he is currently on tour ATM.


I agree but disagree. I wish Nelson was on every day too, but in partnership with Eddy, with her crossing to him. Eddy is a terrific talent and deserves to be recognised IMO. So happy to see her co-hosting this week!


So in other words similar to Richard Wilkins and Richard Reid on Today?


Yeah, Except they’re less annoying than the Richards!


Really loving the use of wide shots of the set and presenters when they throw to ad break the last week or two. Comes off really classy. Good to see the set lit up in multitude of colours as a palette as well.


Eddy has done really well hosting past few weeks,she is on holiday next week.
Nelson will probably be working on the show again next week.


I watched sunrise for the first time in ages today and it’s so much better with the current presenters! Would be staying tuned if it stayed this way alas it won’t!


Agree, I think Eddy is her best co-hosting. I suppose that, unless Nat or Sam return which I doubt, Monique will be co-hosting next week.

[quote=“David, post:1980, topic:69”]
Michael Usher has just been a delight
[/quote] Whilst I do think Michael Usher, Chris Reason and Mike Amor have done a great job at co-hosting Sunrise in the last few months, I think that they should remain in the short term and unless a major change in the current format is made (perhaps like they did earlier this year), I can’t see them becoming a replacement to Kochie.


Mush has really impressed me this week, could easily see him being a replacement for Kochie if Fergo manages to keep clinging on at 6pm.


So it’s been almost a year since the current set was launched. What do we think of it a year on?


I still don’t like the white alcove/frame and it’s worse when it glows in pastel colours. It just looks like an 80s revival.

This is nothing compared to the awful graphics and banners which just make me switch over these days. They should adopt a “less is more” approach and watch viewers flock back.


The current Sunrise (and Seven News Sydney/national) set would’ve looked great if it was launched in 2006…not 2016.


Totally agree, the set to me looks to cluttered with to many elements and textures going on. And I know the show is more entertainment based now then it was years ago, but the set doesn’t look newsish.


Yeah I agree. In saying that though, the last week or two as I mentioned earlier, with the wide shots of the set look good! The end of today’s show had the set lit really well. I still hate the desk and the platform with the logo on it was good in theory but was executed poorly.

Overalll the lower thirds need a makeover. They are too solid, big and boxed in. They have gone with the whole “open set” look for the show and in my opinion the graphics should reflect it. At the moment the graphics don’t match the set at all.

Also, it’s been a year and still the new “seamless” plasma wall they have needs calibration as half of he screens have different contrast/saturation settings. I don’t know if this is because it was a cheap brand they used and are stuck with dogey monitors, or pure laziness… I’m assuming the latter.


Sunrise looks to be heading to an easy ratings victory for this week having won every day comfortably and being an average of 40,000 ahead for the week.


Michael finished today expect Kochie will be back on Monday.

Eddy is now on holidays.

Angela looks to be having this weekend off Weekend Sunrise after working a month straight.


Sunday Night reporter Denham Hitchcock is reading news this weekend.


As a newsreader Denham has the authority and personality of a cardboard cutout.

He is much better as a reporter than a newsreader.


Have to agree. But like PJ Madden a month or so go, time will be on his side. Takes a while to settle into auto cue reading, especially on something like Sunrise.

It is shame though they couldn’t find someone stable to fill Talitha’s spot until she returns (well I hope she returns, is she still freelance casually employed by 7?).