Saturday -

Matt Carmichael is presenting sport.



Simon Reeve has returned this morning.


For a few weeks now, Weekend Sunrise reverted their dual-hosted segments and Mon and Basil hosted many of them solo. It still works well necause both hosts are very strong.


Sunday -

Sunrise Correspondent Bianca Stone also reporting from Christchurch.


39 or 50 people? Which one is it?


It must have just been updated at that moment so they quickly updated it. I heard Today and Weekend Breakfast change it during the broadcast too.


Sam Mac will be presenting the weather live from Japan this week.


Monday -

Sam in Christchurch this morning for special coverage.

With Nat hosting with Kochie and Eddy reading the rest of the day’s news.


About time Sam left the studio. First time she’s ventured overseas since the France terror attacks in 2015 I believe.


Those minimalist graphics look so much better than the massive amount of clutter we usually see on screen.


Outstanding coverage this morning on Sunrise. Sam did a good job covering the mourning of the country.


Sunrise and Koch receiving massive backlash regarding the ‘discussion’ between Hanson and Hinch.


The gloves were off it was a very heated debate over anti-muslim rhetoric.


I would say that the backlash is more directed towards the show than Koch. Asking why are they calling Hanson out now for her racism when she has been on the show for years. To me, I think Sunrise know that this will likely be the last time she agrees to appear, so they went all out.

As for Kochie, I don’t think anyone else could have hosted the segment and have received very few personal comments. I GUARANTEE if one of the Today hosts had done this segment, they would be vilified for bias. And that puts Sunrise is a great position.

Didn’t Sam cover the bushfires in rural NSW last year? But, in saying that, they can now use this vision from her in NZ to update their promo.



Sunrise EP spoke to JunkeeMedia about said backlash:


Umm, no. Completely wrong. I suggest you look at viewer feedback on any of their Facebook posts from today as well as the memes floating around Facebook about Kochie.


Exactly right! All I’ve seen is negative feedback geared towards Kochie. Today I found him totally rude, not allowing Pauline to start or finish a sentence when asked a question.


You mean she actually attempted to answer a question rather than talk about something else? That’s a first for her.